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How To Use Your Rubber Stamp And Ink Pad

Order custom wood mounted rubber stamps starting at $3.99 at

Order custom wood mounted rubber stamps starting at $3.99!

Wood mounted rubber hand stamps for use with a pad are a very popular item for shoppers visiting

These traditional rubber stamps can be made in a wide variety of shapes and sizes large and small, and used with a separate pad, employing a wide variety of different ink colors and ink types, for rubber stamping on any surface.

Here’s how to stamp perfect impressions with your wood mounted rubber stamp and separate ink pad:

1) Press stamp down straight onto pad lightly, with just enough pressure to transfer ink to raised stamp image. Do not press deep into pad. Pressing too deeply or using a rocking or rolling motion will ink the non image area.  Lift stamp straight up.
2) For the best, most crisp impression, transfer ink from stamp to paper or other surface using light pressure, and stamping straight down and straight up without rolling or rocking the stamp.
3) Re-ink pad as needed to produce solid impressions, and keep lid closed when not in use.

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