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Rubber Stamps Re-Inking Instructions

Rubber stamps and how do you re-ink them.  That’s a big question we get all the time, how do I re-ink my self-inking rubber stamps?

The answer is quite simple, and really when you look at all the different types of stamps, the self-inking stamp is really the one that is made to be re-inked and also really the one rubber stamp that is actually simple and easy to re-ink.

Now most self-inking stamps we sell, both the Ideal, and the Trodat as well as the Shiny self-inking rubber stamps, most of them are going to come to you inked with the ink color you ordered and designed to provide about 6 or 7 thousand nice clean impressions before you need to re-ink.

Now if you are going to be stamping quite a bit, I mean let’s say the stamp is going to be in heavy, daily office use.  In that case we recommend ordering a little inexpensive bottle of ink along with your self-inking stamp.

Because if you use it a ton, and it wears out, I mean if the ink starts to get a little light….well you can use that little bottle of ink to make it start stamping again like new in just minutes.

Here’s how directly from our website re-inking instructions.

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