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Metal Name Badges, Quality, Warp-Speed-Turnaround

26 August, 2013 (05:16) | Custom Engraved Name Badges, Custom Laser-Engraving, Free Shipping, Name Badges | By: admin

Metal name badges, custom laser-engraved to your specifications, from, come in two colors.  Custom name badges are available in beautiful gold and striking silver, with the option of two or three of custom laser-engraved metal name badge lines of text.

The smaller two line custom laser-engraved metal name badges come with your specified custom metal name badge text lines, measuring 1” x 3.”

The larger three line laser-engraved metal name badges in both gold and silver, also come with free text customization while measuring a slightly larger 1 ½” x 3.”

Whatever reason you require these custom laser-engraved name badges, if you’re planning to make a high-volume order for your custom name badges, contact the Champs at (800) 469-7826 right away!

Remember, too,’s offer to ship your custom, laser-engraved metal name badge order to you free of charge if you buy more than $10 in metal name badges!

Custom Laser-Engraved Name Plates at!

25 February, 2013 (17:31) | Custom Engraved Desk Signs, Custom Engraved Name Badges, Custom Laser-Engraving, Name Plates | By: admin, your online custom rubber stamp knockout price leader, is now your custom laser-engraved name plates resource, too!

That’s right, has sixteen different items available from a simple two inch by eight inch desk name plate with a black acrylic base, up to a two pen holding desk name plate in all gold or in all silver! also stocks wood backed custom laser-engraved name plates in a variety of sizes and color choices as well.

Also, doesn’t charge for customized text, like the competition and ships out all custom laser-engraved products free of any and all shipping and handling charges, PLUS, features volume discounts on just five or more units!

Go with Rubber Stamp Champ for all your custom laser-engraved product needs, from pet and luggage tags to name badges and desk name plates!






Missed’s Super Bowl Ad?

5 February, 2013 (15:01) | Custom Assembly Band Stamps, Custom Engraved License Plates, Custom Engraved Name Badges, Rubber Stamp Accessories | By: admin


If you’re one of the 108.4 million viewers who tuned into the Super Bowl last Sunday, and you stuck around during commercial breaks for the almost-as-anticipated-as-the-game-itself commercials, then you know didn’t have enough money to spend between $3.7 million to $4 million on a thirty second spot.

As unfortunate as that is for all of our customers who expected to see a Super Bowl advertisement this past Sunday, worry not,you can still get your Rubber Stamp Champ promotional fix!

All you need to do is subscribe to our blog and you’ll get your advertisement fix, every single night in your email inbox!

Though not as ‘brave’ as Audi’s prom commercial, or as sexually charged as’s chubby kid kiss advertisement this year,’s blog is where you can find all the information about our various two thousand plus products, our lightening-quick turnaround times and our exceptionally discounted publicly available wholesale prices.

Sure, you’ll see some cute pictures, some pictures that are funny, as well as, inspirational pictures too, but the main purpose of our wonderfully informative blog is that you get, free of charge, insight into exactly why Rubber Stamp Champ has become the most sought after custom rubber stamp and custom laser engraved manufacturer in the world!

Rubber Stamp Champ invites you, our enormously valued customer, to come by our easy-to-order-from-website today to find all the super deals on whichever custom rubber stamps, custom rubber stamp accessories, or custom laser-engraved products, so stop by and see what all the fuss is about.

And maybe, just maybe, next year you’ll see plastered across your television screen during the 2014 Super Bowl!


Laser-Engraved Name Badges From

30 December, 2012 (14:26) | Custom Engraved Name Badges, Name Badges, Office Supplies | By: admin’s selection of laser engraved products includes both metal and plastic engraved surfaces, in the name badge category; you’ve got four choices when it comes to custom laser-engraved metal name badges.

Basically, you can choose whether you need two or three lines of custom text and whether you prefer gold or silver metal backing and then which type of attachment backing you’d like to use with your laser engraved custom name badge, only from,!

Whether you choose a pink-back, bulldog swivel clip, military clasp w/clutch, or a two-piece magnetic backing, any option costs you less than ten dollars with, your low price custom rubber stamp and custom laser-engraved name badge online retailer!

Laser Engraved Name Badges

10 November, 2012 (18:44) | Business Rubber Stamps, Custom Engraved Name Badges, Office Supplies, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Name badges laser engraved for less at Rubber Stamp Champ.

As if’s wide and varied selection of custom rubber stamps and custom rubber stamping accessories wasn’t enough for you to spend days on our easy to use and order from website,, we’ve decided to offer up custom laser engraved products, including name badges, name badges with plastic backings and even pet name tags and custom, laser-engraved license plate holders! not only has custom laser-engraved name plates, but also custom laser-engraved name plates with your choice of three metals frames, too!

The custom laser engraved name badges with metal frames come in four sizes/shapes, with three rectangular sizes, ranging from three quarters of an inch tall by two and a half inches wide to one inch tall by one and two thirds wide, and an oval which measures one and an eighth by two and an eighth inches; all choices come with a metal frame in either gold, silver or black.

Custom Rubber Stamps And Engraved Name Badges

10 November, 2012 (18:36) | Custom Engraved Desk Signs, Custom Engraved Name Badges, Custom Logo Rubber Stamps, Custom Rubber Stamps | By: admin

At custom engraved name badges cost less!, your online custom rubber stamp low price leader, has product offerings that span different categories aside from custom rubber stamps. offers custom rubber stamps, pre-inked, self-inking, and traditional rubber hand stamps. also offers innovative stamping accessories too, like custom stamp pads, bottles of refill inks and stamp body specific replacement parts.

Furthermore, offers up laser-engraved products ranging from simple name tags and pet tags to office desk names plates and laser-engraved custom license plates, too!’s name badge’s start at just $9.25 and go up to $13.25 for a large, two inches tall and three full inches wide, name badge.

All’s custom name badge size selections come with name badge backing selections, twenty five color combinations, and totally free text/logo customization!

Custom Laser-Engraved License Plates

8 November, 2012 (18:45) | Custom Engraved Desk Signs, Custom Engraved Name Badges, Office Supplies, Personalized Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Get great custom engraved license plates for less online at! sells not only truly kick-butt custom rubber stamps and rubber stamping accessories, but also cool products like pet tags and ColorCoat custom laser-engraved license plates which, once engraved leave a shimmering frosty silver text upon whichever color you might be most interested in.

Whether you choose black, blue, red or green for your main color, will customize your text and engrave it upon your plate free of charge! can also add a custom/customized logo for just twenty five dollars more and all custom laser-engraved ColorCoat plates ship to you, our beloved customers, free of shipping and/or handling charge!

Custom Engraved Name Plates

24 August, 2012 (15:09) | Custom Engraved Desk Signs, Custom Engraved Name Badges, Engraved License Plates, Office Supplies | By: admin

At custom engraved name badges cost less and ship free!

At custom engraved name badges cost less and ship free! not only stocks the most important custom rubber stamp and rubber stamp accessories like XStamper pre-inked rubber stamps, Trodat, Ideal and Cosco self-inking rubber stamps and all kinds of accessories, like rubber stamp ink pads and various inks specifically made for certain purposes.

However, also carries a line of non-stamp or stamp accessory, custom laser engraved products such as our selection of name badges. carries three types of name badges which range in quality from good to excellent (very good, obviously, between the two), with each style showcasing a different look.

In the good category, we’ve got our plastic, laser engraved name badges, with four size choices and twenty five color combinations, even the wildest tastes in name badges can be satisfied.

Next up, very good category includes the aforementioned plastic name badge with twenty five color combinations, surrounded by an elegantly stylish metal frame in gold, silver or black.

Finally, stocks both brass and silver laser engraved name badges in two sizes per type of metal.

Remember to get your order total above ten dollars to qualify for’s free shipping!

Notary Rubber Stamp Accessories

13 August, 2012 (16:30) | Corporate Seals and Stamps, Custom Engraved Desk Signs, Custom Engraved Name Badges, Notary Supplies | By: admin

Noatary supplies like custom engraved notary signs cost less and ship fast when you buy from

Notary supplies like custom engraved notary signs cost less and ship fast when you buy from

As far as the kind folks at are concerned, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a notary public in any of our wonderful nation’s vast array of uniquely discernible state’s, we can manufacturer you a custom notary rubber stamp, in numerous configurations and made by our most well-known brands like, XStamper, Ideal, Cosco, Trodat and iStamp, as well as, in an embosser configuration for the ultimate in long lasting impression production.

So if you live in the great state of Arizona, whether that’s in Phoenix, Mesa or Flagstaff, is the place to go for all your notary rubber stamp, notary rubber stamp accessories and even items like custom, laser engraved notary name plates.

You see, is more than just the champ of online custom rubber stamps; we literally carry more than two thousand products which include our stamp product offerings, our accessories which compliment awesomely any type/quality level rubber stamp you decide to order.

For example, if you’re a Arizona Notary Public, don’t forget to add your Notary pouch to carry everything needed in one place, or as mentioned above, a custom, laser engraved name plate to up your level of professionalism just that much more.

Regardless, all orders over ten dollars qualify for free shipping with!

Engraved License Plate Holders

27 July, 2012 (14:42) | Custom Engraved Desk Signs, Custom Engraved Name Badges, Engraved License Plates | By: admin provides engraved license plate holders for less. provides engraved license plate holders for less.

At we understand that the license plate holder you just got with your new car is totally ugly and furthermore, very much not your style.

Thankfully, has your back and can create for you a new, top-quality, laser engraved license plate holder with whatever you want it to say!

Finally, a way to express yourself without having to go to the mall and finding something sort of fits your style and attitude!

Presently, all our engraved license plate holders are fifty percent off and come in two awesome color options, chrome with black writing and black stainless steel with Chrome writing!

For about thirty dollars you can get your custom laser engraved, top quality license plate holder and being the, any order over ten dollars includes free shipping!

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