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Laser-Engraved License Plate Frames 50% OFF, Limited Time Only!

2 July, 2014 (04:32) | Custom Laser-Engraving, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

license_plate_frame_50_percent_off_finalHalf-price license plate frames, custom engraved just for you!

That’s right folks, get em’ while you can!

Custom laser-engraved license plate frames at are right now, half-price!

That’s 50% off Rubber Stamp Champs Low, Knockout Prices.

Normally $59.95, now, just $29.95, is setting Low Price records!

Not only are’s license plate frames easy on the eyes, they’re 50 state legal too.

Come one, come all, come take advantage of or’s manufacturer direct, insanely Low, custom laser engraved license plate frame sale today!

Half-off our custom engraved license plate frames won’t last forever, come get your personalized frame right now., The Boss Of Custom Embossers

27 September, 2013 (05:27) | Custom Laser-Engraving, Desk Embosser, Embossers | By: admin

If you’re looking for a particularly high quality custom rubber stamp, you go to the Champs of rubber stamps.

When your rubber stamps are low on ink, require a replacement ink pad, or simply require a quick once over with’s rubber stamp cleaning solution and rubber stamp scrubbing pads, where do you go? of course!

Now, when it comes to top quality, custom laser-engraved embossers, where do you go?  To the Boss of Embossers, that;s right,! has a manufacturing facility equipped with nothing but state-of-the-art rubber stamp and custom embosser die manufacturing equipment, there’s no higher quality custom embosser at a lower price, anywhere.

Save yourself time, money, and the hassle of not ordering from Rubber Stamp Champ, a.k.a. ‘The Boss of Embossers,’ and get your custom laser-engraved embosser ordered today!, Where You’ll Save A Fistfull of Dollars

1 September, 2013 (05:57) | Custom Laser-Engraving, Pre Inked Stamps, Xstamper, Xstamper Custom Pre-Inked Rubber Stamps | By: admin



Wanted at reasonable, Low, Knockout Prices, custom Xstamper rubber stamps.

If you see a custom Xstamper rubber stamp, please contact, do not attempt to apprehend the custom rubber stamp as they are considered inked and ready to stamp!

Custom Xstamper rubber stamps were last seen wearing grey and turquoise rubber stamp bodies.  Additionally, custom Xstamper rubber stamps are known to have laser-engraved, pre-inked rubber stamp dies.

Be on the look out for excellent quality rubber stamp impressions, as they’re great indicators a custom Xstamper rubber stamp is near.

Again, if you see a custom Xstamper pre-inked rubber stamp, contact for your reward!


Like On Facebook For Knockout Rubber Stamp Deals

1 September, 2013 (05:17) | Custom Laser-Engraving, Discount Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin and the Champs here want to be liked.  In fact, we’re obsessed with, generally, being accepted, liked, loved, and revered by all people spending time “socializing” via websites like Facebook.

We’ll go to any length to get as many Facebook patrons to give us the Facebook Thumbs Up “Like.”

When I say any length I mean.

Toss ourselves down a flight of stairs head first?  Absolutely.

Stand in the midst of a sharp blast of pepper spray?  No problem.

Tase me, bro?  Just try not to have the darts hit my face, you got it!

This is serious business, this Facebook thing, is in relentless pursuit of Facebook “Likes,” and Facebook “Friends!

Therefore, should you find the time in your otherwise full daily calendar of Facebook socializing experience, to find rubber stamps at, then go one extra click; “Like” on Facebook, gives back with Knockout Prcies!




Metal Name Badges, Quality, Warp-Speed-Turnaround

26 August, 2013 (05:16) | Custom Laser-Engraving, Name Badges | By: admin

Metal name badges, custom laser-engraved to your specifications, from, come in two colors.  Custom name badges are available in beautiful gold and striking silver, with the option of two or three of custom laser-engraved metal name badge lines of text.

The smaller two line custom laser-engraved metal name badges come with your specified custom metal name badge text lines, measuring 1” x 3.”

The larger three line laser-engraved metal name badges in both gold and silver, also come with free text customization while measuring a slightly larger 1 ½” x 3.”

Whatever reason you require these custom laser-engraved name badges, if you’re planning to make a high-volume order for your custom name badges, contact the Champs at (800) 469-7826 right away!

Remember, too,’s offer to ship your custom, laser-engraved metal name badge order to you free of charge if you buy more than $10 in metal name badges!

Custom Christmas and Personalized Holiday Rubber Stamps

16 August, 2013 (04:45) | Custom Laser-Engraving, Custom Rubber Stamps, Holiday Rubber Stamps, Personalized Rubber Stamps | By: admin

The holidays and Christmas time, seemingly, even in January at times, are always right around the corner.  What should we put up this year?  Lights?  Decoration?  Hang socks for Saint Nick’s, or not?  On and on it goes, why not make at least the act of sending Christmas and holiday cards easier and better looking than ever before?

Doing as I describe is easier than it is, literally, for me to explain the process to you.  Start by going to

If you’ve never considered using custom or stock message holiday rubber stamps from, consider the improved look and overall feel a custom holiday stamp or Christmas rubber stamp can add to even the worst looking cards.

Next, from the home page,, scroll to the bottom of the page, look to the right side of your screen for the heading “Specialty Stamps.”

Instead of sending a picture of the family, perhaps you might consider having your family portrait made into a custom rubber stamp and stamp it on an equally creative card stock?

Once located, under “Specialty Stamps,” the third link says, “Christmas Stamps,” click that to begin your journey.  Or, send an email or call 1-800-469-7826 with questions about having your family portrait turned into a custom Christmas card rubber stamp.

How Can I Get Free Shipping On Custom Rubber Stamp Orders?

29 July, 2013 (15:55) | Custom Laser-Engraving, Rubber Stamps | By: admin


Did you know that there’s a custom rubber stamp company that gives you free shipping on orders over $10?  That’s right,, the only place online where you can find Low, Knockout Prices on all custom and stock message rubber stamps., the easy-to-order-from, one-stop-shop for all things rubber stamp related, and even custom laser-engraved products like custom name plates, custom name badges, and custom laser-engraved pet tags are all available!

It doesn’t matter what you buy at, any combination of custom rubber stamps, rubber stamp accessories, or custom laser-engraved products that totals $10 or more, receives free first class shipping.

It’s that simple, if you need rubber stamps, get to and fill that shopping cart!

High-Tech Laser Engraved Rubber Stamps Propel Into The Future

27 July, 2013 (05:46) | Address Stamps, Custom Laser-Engraving, Customized Rubber Stamps, Personalized Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Custom laser engraved rubber stamps for less, only at!, as announced in our earlier press release, has acquired the only Laseratti in the country.

Rubber Stamp Champ has the capability to produce more flawless custom rubber stamp rubber than ever before.  In fact, five times more than before the Trotec Laseratti was purchased. added the state of the art Trotec Laseratti to our single sheet laser.  Now, our custom rubber stamp makers can burn up to five full sheets of laser rubber at once; four on the Laseratti drum, one on the single sheet laser.

What does this mean for you, our loyal repeat and appreciated new customers?

Easy.  Higher quality rubber stamp impressions, faster turn around times and better prices than anywhere else on or offline., it’s too easy.

Pet Tags, Custom Engraving, Knockout Prices!

18 July, 2013 (19:02) | Custom Laser-Engraving, Uncategorized | By: admin

While getting your pet chipped may now be the responsible thing for pet owners to do, along side, neutering or spaying (ouch!), but who has a pet tag reader lying around for when they come across a stray pet?

I sure don’t!  Which is why while I may do the responsible things which all politically correct pet owners partake in, I also keep it old school and have Fido wear a collar, on his collar is a custom engraved pet tag that I got at has a nice assortment of pet tags available, and at low, Knockout Prices to boot!

Pet tags from come in eight colors and four shapes and cost just $6.99!

Dog, Cat, Bird with unusually strong neck muscles or even pet raccoons and skunks, if you want your beloved pet to come home just as soon as someone finds them rather than wait for the humane society to pull out their pet tag reader, get your butt over to and get your pet’s tag custom engraved for free!

The Pope Resigns! DOES NOT!

27 February, 2013 (16:04) | Address Rubber Stamps, Bank Deposit Stamps, Custom Laser-Engraving, Date Stamps | By: admin


At, we wish Pope Benedict XVI all the best in the first retirement of a Catholic Pope in the last six hundred or so years.

Despite the rumor mill churning out juicy rumors about his potential involvement, background or otherwise, his overall health, the hitting of his head on a sink during a trip to Mexico, we here at understand the importance of knowing when to step aside, or admit, in this case, through his retirement, that a better alternative is available.

If you feel that your current rubber stamp provider is the opposite, i.e., they don’t know when to say a job is too tough or is technically above their heads, then you need to impart the ability to step aside upon their heads for them and make your move to

While making a large change to your procurement process might seem like a big step, think about how the now former Pope feels, now that he’s going to be sharing the Vatican with whomever the white smoke flies for next! is your low, knockout price leader for all things rubber stamp related, custom rubber stamps, pre-inked rubber stamps, self-inking rubber stamps, and traditional rubber hand stamps.

You’ll also find products like custom laser-engraved products, numbering machines, replacement stamp ink pads, stamp ink produced for a wide range of custom rubber stamp uses, like stamping upon metals, wood, glossy surfaces, or even, just regular paper or non-glossy surfaces.

Regardless of the product you choose to order from, know that we won’t be retiring (like the Pope) anytime soon and that you’ll always get the great service’s testimonial’s page show (we’ve recently received one testimonial in which the writer claims he’s going to name his first born, “R.S. Champ!”)

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