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Event Hand Stamping With UV Ink

6 March, 2016 (15:11) | Customized Rubber Stamps, Event Hand Stamps, Rubber Stamps, Skin Safe Waterproof Hand Stamping Kits | By: admin

If you do re-entry event hand stamping at a bar, water-park hand stamping, UV ink nightclub hand stamping, hand stamping at an amusement park, or if you promote concerts where imageultra-violet ink hand stamping is needed, you should visit right now. offers everything you need including UV ink hand stamping kits, UV ink refills and special UV ink hand stamps.

And don’t forget, ships free on all orders over $10.

Visit right now, and you’ll see why we are the event hand stamp Champ!

Skin Safe Ink For Event Hand Stamping

8 July, 2015 (21:42) | Event Hand Stamps, Industrial Inks And Pads, Ink Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin


Stamp hands for re-entry with skin safe ink from offers skin safe ink in three distinct colors because almost everyone who owns a bar, nightclub, water-park, casino or other venue where events take place, has a need for stamping customer hands once they’ve paid, so they can more readily leave and come back in, or so your security people can identify them, once in, as someone who has paid admission. also carries the correct stamp pads for that kind of ink, and a variety of stock message designs that work well for the hand stamping purpose.

Visit today and get everything you need for event hand stamping, including skin safe ink for event hand stamping in three distinctive colors that won’t wash off, and won’t harm skin.

One Inch, Square.

20 August, 2014 (14:48) | Art Stamps, Event Hand Stamps, Inspection Stamps, Self Inking Stamps | By: admin

q_24_finalIntroducing the amazing Cosco 2000 Plus self-inking Q24, perfect for admission stamps, art stamps, inspection stamps, or any non-glossy surface stamping!

Cosco 2000 Plus Q24 self-inking rubber stamps feature a premium-quality stamp die which prints good quality rubber stamp impressions.

Printing up to 5,000 impressions between stamp ink refills, Cosco Q24 square self-inking stamps are ink refillable for use well into the future.

Rubber Stamp Champ proudly offers customized Cosco Q24 self-inking square stamps in 11 vibrant ink colors for just $11.25 each.

The Low, Knockout Price of $11.25 includes free text or artwork customization, as well as, free First Class shipping!

Come to today and see why 725,000 customers can’t be wrong!

Have A Rubber Stamp Question, Call (800)-469-7826

20 June, 2014 (23:34) | Address Rubber Stamps, Custom Logo Rubber Stamps, Event Hand Stamps | By: admin

stamp_question_finalCall Rubber Stamp Champ’s knowledgeable-through–vast-experience Customer Service Champs.

When you call 1-(800)-4-My-Stamp (800-469-7826) to seek advice or a solution to a problem you’ve not been able to solve on your own, just ask to speak with a Customer Service Champ.

Rubber stamp problem solving has never been easier than it is today, with’s Rubber Stamp Hotline is there for you every business day during Pacific Standard Time between 6:30 A.M. and 2:30 P.M.

When you need a new stamp, but are not sure what you need exactly, call the Champs!

Whenever you have a rubber stamp problem, regardless of where the stamp was purchased, call the Champs!

Hell, call the Champs just to say hello!

Event Hand Stamps, Summer Is Here

21 May, 2014 (04:22) | Event Hand Stamps, Rubber Stamp Ink Pads, Skin Safe Waterproof Hand Stamping Kits | By: admin

Summer is finally here!

The sunny days, the warm breezy nights, the concerts, State Fairs….

The events list for summer time is long from the East Coast to the West Coast, what do you have planned?

Chances are, if you’re going to an event similar to the aforementioned, your hand will be stamped with a UV or waterproof rubber stamp from

It’s the start of May, from now until the end of August, sells a tremendous volume of our three types of hand stamps for events.

If you’re the promoter of such an event, get over to right now for Low, Knockout Prices on our invisible UV stamp kit, hand stamps with separate ink pads, or self-inking even hand stamps now!

Knockout Prices On Custom Traditional Rubber Stamps

21 April, 2014 (21:53) | Event Hand Stamps, Hand Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Traditional rubber hand stamps are a staple at Rubber Stamp Champ, specifically, you’ll easily be able to order any number of custom hand stamps or stock message hand stamps at builds it’s rubber hand stamps from high-quality wood and rubber components.

Mostly, they’re quite similar, indeed, to most every custom or stock message hand stamp presently being used.

What sets Rubber Stamp Champ’s hand stamps apart is the attention to detail put into each traditional rubber hand stamp, and the Low, Knockout Prices and Customer Service only found at

Add to that, lightening fast turnaround times and free shipping on orders totaling more than $10, it’s easy to see why hundreds of thousands of customers chose the Champs,

Skin Safe Waterproof Hand Stamp Ink Kit

29 November, 2013 (19:12) | Event Hand Stamps, Hand Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Make sure all the hands get stamped properly at your next event. has everything you need for event hand stamping including black light ink kits!

The hand ID stamping kit from Rubber Stamp Champ is desgined for admission and re-entry hand stamping for concerts, bars, night clubs, water parks, special events and more. Each kit comes complete with locking stamp pad to help preserve the ink, waterproof skin safe hand stamping ink in your choice of red, blue or black, and ink thinner.  

  • Great for stamping hands for re-entry/admission to water parks, bars, nightclubs, carnivals, and more!
  • Waterproof, alcohol based, non-toxic, and safe for skin
  • Ink dries in 10-15 seconds and lasts up to 24 hours
  • Ink dries quickly so we include #752 thinner to refresh the ink pad
  • Kit includes premium, industrial locking stamp pad (2-1/2″ x 3-3/4″), 2 oz. #752 ink, and 2 oz. #752 thinner
  • also sells the ink, pad and thinner sepeas seprate items, and also offers a set of wooden handle stamps with stock art especially designed for stamping on the back of hands.

Don’t forget, all your custom event planning entry/exit hand stamping needs are solved when you visit where we also offer black light kits and UV ink stamping supplies.

Keep Track Of Entering Patrons, Event Hand Stamps, Knockout Prices

2 October, 2013 (05:23) | Event Hand Stamps, Hand Stamps, Specialty Ink Rubber Stamp Pads | By: admin

Event hand stamps are one of the more popular items found at  Why?  That’s easy, because there are many businesses, night clubs, after hours spots, bars, water and amusement parks who like, or need to easily be able to ascertain whether a patron has paid the due entrance fee or not. has a few options when it comes to even hand stamping selection.

First, a self-inking rubber stamp which comes with water-based rubber stamp ink that’s safe for skin, and is available in eleven vibrant rubber stamp ink colors.

Next is a hand stamp with a separate pad.  We have a few standard sizes available on our event hand stamping page, but is always willing to customize your rubber stamp to suite.

Last, no way least is the Skin Safe invisible UV rubber stamp kit.  The kit contains absolutely everything you’ll need to track paid patrons at your next event.  Seven stock rubber hand stamps, a stamp pad and extra rubber stamp ink!


Go Anywhere Battery Powered Black Lights

28 August, 2013 (05:24) | Event Hand Stamps, Stamping Supplies | By: admin not only knocks the competition out of their shoes in terms of price competition providing wholesale-to-the-public Knockout Prices, the fastest turn around times in the custom rubber stamp industry, and free shipping on orders over ten dollars; Rubber Stamp Champ also features an astonishing array of rubber stamp, rubber stamp accessories and supplies, alongside products which are designed to be of use with certain custom and stock message rubber stamps.

A spectacular example of this is Rubber Stamp Champ’s portable UV light for invisible inks.  This little beauty not only is a perfect example of the breadth of the products available at, putting forth a prime sample of the lengths the Champs at Rubber Stamp Champ will go to ensure our customers have anything and everything they might require upon purchasing custom rubber stamps.

Portable UV lights for invisible inks come from ready to go, minus the four AA batteries needed to power the invisible ink portable UV light.’s Low, Knockout price of $49.50 which includes free First Class shipping!

Event Organizer Hand Stamping Depot,

28 January, 2013 (19:59) | Event Hand Stamps, Skin Safe Waterproof Hand Stamping Kits | By: admin


If you’re running an organization where stamping the hands of those who enter your property or premise for an event, then you need to be shopping at for all your hand stamping needs, stamps, ink, and even black lights for determining whether someone has sneaked into your event, or whether they’ve already paid the entrance fee!

That’s right,, your online low price leader for all rubber stamp and custom laser-engraved products, also has everything you need for your event stamping needs too!

Most of our event stamping customers like our Skin Safe hand stamping kit which includes a bottle of ink, a bottle of rejuvinator, an industrial stamp pad and a variety of seven different traditional rubber hand stamps so that they don’t have to look around for the products and also due to the fact that buying the kit gives you a discount of five dollars!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re running small events or large events like outdoor rave parties that feature a capacity of over a hundred thousand people, stocks enough product to keep any sized event going, as long as it’s scheduled to go! also features many other products on our Hand Stamps for Events page on our easy-to-order-from-website like UV Ink Stamps, half and three quarter inch diameter selections, regular round wood hand stamps for use with Skin Safe ink kits, and even Shiny self-inking stamps for event hand stamping, fake tattoo stamp inks and even portable black lights and replacement black light bulbs!

Remember, 600,000 customers can’t be wrong, is the place to shop for all your custom rubber stamp needs!

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