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Knockout Prices On Custom Traditional Rubber Stamps

21 April, 2014 (21:53) | Event Hand Stamps, Free Shipping, Hand Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Traditional rubber hand stamps are a staple at Rubber Stamp Champ, specifically, you’ll easily be able to order any number of custom hand stamps or stock message hand stamps at builds it’s rubber hand stamps from high-quality wood and rubber components.

Mostly, they’re quite similar, indeed, to most every custom or stock message hand stamp presently being used.

What sets Rubber Stamp Champ’s hand stamps apart is the attention to detail put into each traditional rubber hand stamp, and the Low, Knockout Prices and Customer Service only found at

Add to that, lightening fast turnaround times and free shipping on orders totaling more than $10, it’s easy to see why hundreds of thousands of customers chose the Champs,

Large Custom Rubber Hand Stamps

3 January, 2014 (14:04) | Art Stamps, Custom Art Stamps, Hand Stamps, Large Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Custom hand stamps are a staple at

One of the hundreds of near-flawless products you’ll find at at incredibly Low, Knockout prices are our Large Custom Rubber Hand Stamps.’s large custom rubber hand stamps page is presented to you with two categories to choose from; text only large custom rubber stamps, and large custom art rubber hand stamps.

Custom text rubber hand stamps come in sizes from 2″x 2,” up to a massive 4″ x 7!”

Custom art only, large rubber hand stamps from come in sizes between 2″ x 2″ and up to an unbelievable 8″ x 10!”

The beautiful thing about shopping at for your large custom rubber hand stamp?

Each customized large hand stamp price already includes shipping!

Get over to right now!


Last Chance Holiday Rubber Stamp Sale!

1 December, 2013 (13:32) | Clipart Rubber Stamps, Hand Stamps, Holiday Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Man, is it getting close.

Black Friday has already taken place, the throngs of rabid shoppers beating each other up, down and into the back of the line for 1 of 100 TV’s at a discounted price.

The Christmas lights are going up, a house in Australia set the record for the most lights, the International Space Station tried to take a picture for posterity.

Its Christmas time again folks!

This is your last chance to find Low, Knockout Prices on all Holiday rubber stamps! has a wide selection of customizable and stock message holiday rubber stamps to choose from.

With Rubber Stamp Champ’s lightening-fast turn-around times and free shipping on all orders more than $10, you can’t lose!

Get over to right now to buy your holiday rubber stamps!

Hand Stamp Ink Pads, Eleven Vibrant Colors,

1 December, 2013 (13:31) | Hand Stamps, Rubber Stamp Accessories, Rubber Stamp Ink Pads, Rubber Stamp Inks | By: admin

Traditional rubber stamps, otherwise known as hand stamps are the mainstay of the rubber stamp industry for good reason.

Hand stamps are for use with separate rubber stamp ink pads and can be used with multiple colors, even from one rubber stamp impression to the next!, your one stop shop for Knockout Prices, Knockout Service and Knockout Selection, carries a multitude of rubber stamp ink pad sizes and stocks them all in eleven vibrant rubber stamp ink colors!

Make sure, when you checkout, than your total is more than $10 to qualify for’s free shipping!

Skin Safe Waterproof Hand Stamp Ink Kit

29 November, 2013 (19:12) | Event Hand Stamping, Event Hand Stamps, Hand Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Make sure all the hands get stamped properly at your next event. has everything you need for event hand stamping including black light ink kits!

The hand ID stamping kit from Rubber Stamp Champ is desgined for admission and re-entry hand stamping for concerts, bars, night clubs, water parks, special events and more. Each kit comes complete with locking stamp pad to help preserve the ink, waterproof skin safe hand stamping ink in your choice of red, blue or black, and ink thinner.  

  • Great for stamping hands for re-entry/admission to water parks, bars, nightclubs, carnivals, and more!
  • Waterproof, alcohol based, non-toxic, and safe for skin
  • Ink dries in 10-15 seconds and lasts up to 24 hours
  • Ink dries quickly so we include #752 thinner to refresh the ink pad
  • Kit includes premium, industrial locking stamp pad (2-1/2″ x 3-3/4″), 2 oz. #752 ink, and 2 oz. #752 thinner
  • also sells the ink, pad and thinner sepeas seprate items, and also offers a set of wooden handle stamps with stock art especially designed for stamping on the back of hands.

Don’t forget, all your custom event planning entry/exit hand stamping needs are solved when you visit where we also offer black light kits and UV ink stamping supplies.

The Difference Between Self-Inking And Non-Self Inking Rubber Stamps

21 November, 2013 (17:39) | Hand Stamps, Permanent Ink Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamps, Self Inking Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Self inking stamps and non self inking stamps have their own unique properties, but both come to you at special savings from

What is the difference between self inking stamps and non self inking rubber stamps?

It’s pretty simple, and a little complicated as well.

Rubber Stamp Champ explains the difference between self inking stamps and hand stamps right here and now.

Self inking stamps have an inner mechanism that automatically flips the die up onto an inner pad where it receives ink, and flips back down in time to transfer that ink to your piece of paper.

Tranditional non self inking hand stamps, on the other hand, require you to use a separate ink pad, where you press the stamp into the ink pad yourself and then stamp the impression on a piece of paper, or almost any other surface.

When you shop, you will find hundreds of different self inking stamps, as well as a huge selection of hand stamps for your needs.

Most of our self inking stamps from Cosco, Ideal and Trodat are used for stamping water based ink on plain, non-glossy paper.

This is why hand stamps are still used, even though they don’t provide the self inking stamp convenience.

Hand stamps can be used with separate pads that carry all manner of inks, not just water based.  With a hand stamp for example you can use a permanent ink pad that will let you stamp on glossy paper, metal, glass all types of surfaces.

Another advantage non-self-inking hand stamps have is that they can easily be made in very large or very small sizes and an unlimited variety of shapes, where self inking stamps come on fixed bodies that generally are not available in very large, very small sizes or with permanent ink.

So that covers it.  Only one thing more.

Your application will often dictate the type of stamp you need.  If you go to our website, you are sure to find the exact rubber stamps you need because we carry more varieties than anyone else., your headquarters for information, variety, selection and savings on rubber stamps.

And remember, all Rubber Stamp Champ rubber stamps can be custom made and shipped overnight for next day delivery anywhere in the United States.

Go and you’ll be glad you did.

Hand Stamps, The Go-To Rubber Stamp For Making Rubber Stamp Impressions

14 November, 2013 (13:03) | Address Rubber Stamps, Customized Rubber Stamps, Hand Stamps, Non-Self-Inking Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Next in’s line up of custom address stamps is the custom traditional rubber hand stamp.

Sometimes preferred due to infrequent use, sometimes preferred for their economical price, and at other times, for their inherent versatility, the traditional hand stamp isn’t going away any time soon.

Especially functional as a custom address stamp,’s traditional hand stamps are either square or rectangular in shape.

For use with separate ink pads, traditional hand stamps can go from color to color with ease.  This means one stamp can easily be used by two or more parties without anyone ever finding out!

Hand stamps have no moving parts either, making them the ultimate durable, multi-year-use, custom address stamp.

Holiday Stamps On Sale Now,

6 November, 2013 (14:43) | Free Shipping, Hand Stamps, Holiday Rubber Stamps, Self Inking Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Calling all rubber stamp and holiday rubber stamp enthusiasts,, the only place you’ll find Knockout Prices, Service and Selection on all rubber stamp products! is looking forward to helping you and yours ring in the New Year, say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to your loved ones with our annual holiday rubber stamp sale! has stock message holiday rubber stamps as low as $6.25, but that’s only the beginning.

Go visit, the easy-to-order-from-website showcasing Rubber Stamp Champ’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility allows us to bring Low, Knockout Prices to the public. ships all orders over $10 free of charge with all orders being turned around in one to three business days!

Don’t Tread On Me. Or, On!

25 October, 2013 (05:28) | Art Stamps, Hand Stamps, Ideal Self Inking Stamps, Xstamper | By: admin


Style 56 is one of my favorite rubber stamp impression designs when it comes to’s 55 patriotic and religious stock stamps.

The phrase, “Don’t Tread On Me” is accompanied by a coiled, mouth open, fangs exposed rattle snake, poised to strike on’s large ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ rubber stamp.

The image, originally published as the first ever political cartoon published in a newspaper in 1751 was a satirical commentary.  A suggested way to thank the British for sending convicted felons to America, send the British rattle snakes.

From that original, the original newspaper cartoon, the phrase ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ has grown into something I’m sure Mr. Franklin could never have imagined in his wildest dreams!

‘Don’t Tread on Me,’ from that cartoon in the Pennsylvania Gazette, to rubber stamps from  From satirical commentary to the very definition of patriotic terminology, what a leap!

Don’t Tread on Me, style 56,

The Right Stamps, For Less., Home Of Knockout Prices & Service!

15 October, 2013 (22:58) | Custom Rubber Stamps, Discount Rubber Stamps, Hand Stamps, Non-Self-Inking Rubber Stamps | By: admin, your only source for Low, Knockout Prices and Knockout Service, has the best deals around on custom rubber hand stamps. 

Hand stamps are also known as traditional stamps or traditional rubber stamps, at, you’ll find right stamp, for less. allows for much customization, of either the artwork or text variety, so long as you send it us in black and white!

Rubber Stamp Champ sells custom hand stamps starting at just $3.99 for a small stamp.

However, also makes large hand stamps.

For rubber stamp ink pads, for use with custom hand stamps, visit as well!

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