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I Am Kind Of A Big Deal

13 February, 2018 (14:07) | Corporate Seals and Stamps, Name Plates, Office Supplies | By: admin

If you are kind of a big deal get a desk sign to prove it!

If you are kind of a big deal get a desk sign to prove it!

If you are kind of a big deal, you need a custom engraved desk sign from

Your custom engraved desk sign will be made the day you order it and shipped anywhere in the United States free on orders over $10.  It’s a sign of the times, and a sign that you are important and have a key job to do.

Rubber Stamp Champ will help you with any engraved desk signs, custom rubber stamps, other types of marking devices and a whole lot more.  Visit today and see why we have thousands of five star reviews.

Desk Name Plates, Knockout Champ Sale, 20% OFF Right Now

27 August, 2013 (05:18) | Name Plates, Office Supplies | By: admin

At, we’ve got a ton of what you’d expect, rubber stamps in mind-warping variations, suitable for any rubber stamping situation.  Interestingly, Rubber Stamp Champ also makes custom laser-engraved products.

One of the most popular custom laser-engraved products from is our custom laser-engraved desk name plates.

I’ve got one myself.  It’s something of a joke, my dad’s too.  His says his name, with ‘Insanity Expert’ beautifully laser-engraved into the name plate.  Mine has my name above ‘Astute Observationist.’

In other words, doesn’t limit its custom laser-engraved desk name plate customers to business phrases; we’ll etch any title above any name!

Whether you require a custom laser-engraved desk name plate for business or pleasure, come through, ASAP; pick from sixteen different styles on just about any imaginable color combination on the actual name plate.’s custom laser-engraved desk name plates are presently 20% OFF, all come with free shipping!

Make An Impression Rubber Stamps

12 June, 2013 (16:32) | Name Badges, Name Plates, Patriotic and Religous Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Use rubber stamps to create a great impression when you shop and custom design your rubber stamps, like patriotic and religious rubber stamps, at

Send a message and save money on rubber stamps at let’s you upload rubber stamp art directly to our site where you can design, proof and order your custom rubber stamps online.

So create a great impression with self inking custom stamps, pre inked stamps, rubber stamps with wooden handles and a whole lot more for a whole lot less at

Don’t forget, Rubber Stamp Champ can also save you money on non-rubber stamp items like engraved desk signs, pet tags and more, all with free shipping on orders over $10.

Custom Laser-Engraved Name Plates at!

25 February, 2013 (17:31) | Custom Laser-Engraving, Name Plates | By: admin, your online custom rubber stamp knockout price leader, is now your custom laser-engraved name plates resource, too!

That’s right, has sixteen different items available from a simple two inch by eight inch desk name plate with a black acrylic base, up to a two pen holding desk name plate in all gold or in all silver! also stocks wood backed custom laser-engraved name plates in a variety of sizes and color choices as well.

Also, doesn’t charge for customized text, like the competition and ships out all custom laser-engraved products free of any and all shipping and handling charges, PLUS, features volume discounts on just five or more units!

Go with Rubber Stamp Champ for all your custom laser-engraved product needs, from pet and luggage tags to name badges and desk name plates!






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