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StazOn Opaque White Ink Pads

31 January, 2016 (23:04) | Permanent Ink Rubber Stamps, Photo Ink Stamping, Rubber Stamps, StazOn Multi-Surface Ink Pads | By: admin

Stamp white ink easily and beautifully with StaZon Cotton White ink pads from

Stamp white ink easily and beautifully with StazOn Cotton White ink pads from

Everyone says that stamping, rubber stamping that is, with white ink is tricky and often difficult.

But has changed all that with the recent addition of StazOn Opaque white ink pads to our expanding and ever growing line of rubber stamp products.

At when we find a specific customer need, like the need to stamp white ink on vinyl surfaces, stamp white ink on photos, or stamp white ink on hard plastic surfaces, in a way that will actually work, we research and find the best possible product for the application.

So that’s why, at, we are proud to announce the inclusion on our easy-to-order website of a huge array of StazOn in products, including StazOn acid free, archival opaque white ink pads that make rubber stamping with white ink on any surface work beautifully. offers StazOn opaque white ink as an end to the uncertainty of working with white ink and rubber stamps.

StazOn multi-surface full size white ink pads work great and leave one fantastic impression after another.  Try it, you’ll like it, at White

StazOn Ink Pads, Regular, Opaque And Metallic

27 January, 2016 (23:44) | Photo Ink Stamping, Specialty Ink Rubber Stamp Pads, Stamp Pad, Stamping Supplies | By: admin


StazOn Ink Pads in a wide variety of colors and ink types now available at

Buy StazOn Ink Pads in a wide variety of colors and types at

Rubber Stamp Champ announced today the addition of popular, top quality StazOn Ink Pad Products in 25 standard colors, 8 opaque colors, 4 metallic colors and including 2 StazOn stamp pad cleaners to

StazOn from is the industry-leader in multi-surface ink stamping pads, and can be used on non-porous surfaces. Unlike other inks, StazOn will adhere to most acetate, acrylic, metal, leather, shrink plastic, cellophane, and plastic surfaces. is proud to offer it’s 800,000 customers StazOn pads and inks perfect for home decor projects, card making, memory albums, office decor and much more.

StazOn full-size ink pads and inkers from in 25 standard, 8 opaque and 4 metallic colors come with a protective inner lining for ink pad freshness, complete instructions and clean up easily with the available StazOn cleaner products.

In addition to offering StazOn products at money saving prices, never charges extra for your custom art, text or logo uploads, or your ink color choice when you design, proof and order a large variety of custom rubber stamp products online, and also provides free shipping on all orders over $10.

In serving over 3/4 million customers in the last 15 years, has continually added new products to meet customer demand, and thereby has become one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use custom rubber stamp ordering websites online. also takes pride in offering the fastest service and best prices on rubber stamps in America.

Now individuals, businesses, government, schools, military installations and many other buyers of custom rubber stamps can visit to design, proof, edit and order custom rubber stamps and StazOn products for less. provides a huge selection of rubber stamps in an easy-to-order format including rubber stamps and seals for notaries, rubber stamps and seals for engineers and architects, corporate rubber stamps, stock message rubber stamps, monogram name rubber stamps, monogram embossers, wedding rubber stamps, fast-dry ink rubber stamps, clothing markers, desk signs and much more.

And combines same-day service with overnight delivery so if you need your rubber stamps fast, and at great savings, just order from before noon Eastern with overnight shipping and your custom order of rubber stamps will be delivered the very next day anywhere in the United States.

Knowledgeable, experienced rubber stamp customer service people, are available every business day, at 1-800-4MY STAMP, along with Live Chat if customers have any questions while ordering their custom rubber stamps.



Smudge-Proof, Quick-Dry Permanent Photograph Marking Kits

28 May, 2014 (04:40) | Permanent Ink Rubber Stamps, Photo Ink Stamping, Rubber Stamp Inks | By: admin

Smudge-Free Photograph Rubber Stamp Impressions

4 December, 2013 (13:04) | Glossy-Surface Rubber Stamps, Photo Ink Stamping, Rubber Stamp Inks | By: admin

Check it out photographers; has an ink kit specifically formulated to print excellent quality rubber stamp impressions on photographs!

Despite the advent of digital photography, there will always be those seeking your services that prefer prints over digital copies.

Those prints, as I’m sure you’re well aware, are your business cards.

Another bit of common sense added to the equation, business cards are most effective when ascetically pleasing.

Rubber stamp impressions should be clean, clear, easy-to-read and smudge-free.’s Photo Permanent Marking Kit allows you to print your custom rubber stamp logo on each of the print.

The permanent photograph rubber stamp ink kit from is quick-drying, acid free, and smudge-proof.

Rubber Stamp Champ’s Low, Knockout Price, $29.95 includes free shipping!

Leave Your Rubber Stamp Impression, Anywhere.

24 October, 2013 (13:26) | Industrial Inks And Pads, Permanent Ink Rubber Stamps, Photo Ink Stamping | By: admin

Creative people tend to not see boundaries.

That holds true in every facet of their life.

Not seeing boundaries is one of the things that contribute to their creativity.

A really poignant example is when one of these so-called creative’s begins the hobby of rubber stamping.

Obstruction-less minds conclude rubber stamp impressions might really look nice on that piece of metal or wood.

Printing company logo rubber stamp impressions in the corner of photographs will give that final touch. stocks three ink kits with rubber stamp ink which can be used in various creative situations.

Photographers Rave About

11 April, 2013 (03:54) | Ink Stamps, Permanent Ink Rubber Stamps, Photo Ink Stamping, Refill Inks Rubber Stamps | By: admin’s photograph ink kit contains not only a two ounce bottle of photograph ink in your choice of black, blue or red, but also contains a two ounce bottle of ink rejuvinator, as well as,  and an IP-2 industrial use ink pad; the ink only take thirty seconds to dry.
The industrial ink pad contained within the photograph ink kit at measures three and one quarter inches by four and one quarter inches in width, making it a practically universal fit for a majority of traditional rubber hand stamp sizes.
A lot of photographers find that the low price of just $29.95, which includes Rubber Stamp Champ’s free shipping, is more than fair considering the thousands of vibrant impressions the kit will produce.


Rubber Stamping On Photographs

12 September, 2012 (19:04) | Permanent Ink Rubber Stamps, Photo Ink Stamping, Pre Inked Stamps, Stamps Rubber | By: admin

Stamp on photographs, CDs and more with iStamp Multi-Surface pre inked stamps from Rubber Stamp Champ., the online low-price-leader of pre-inked rubber stamps which feature pre-impregnated dies as compared to the self-inking mechanism of ‘self-inking rubber stamps,’ proudly sells, at low, low, knockout prices, both varieties of iStamp pre-inked rubber stamps.

Varieties of iStamp pre-inked rubber stamps include configurations for non-glossy surfaces, like paper or cardboard, and configurations specifically made for use on glossy surfaces, like for rubber stamping on photographs or CD’s.

The quick-drying glossy surface iStamp pre-inked rubber stamp ink dries in between fifteen and ninety seconds and literally has so many uses, I’d have trouble, indeed, describing them all here for you. Multi-Surface iStamp rubber stamps come in black, blue or red only.

The non-glossy surface iStamp pre-inked rubber stamp configuration works wonderfully on paper and similar non-glossy surfaces, providing tens of thousands of clean, crisp impressions prior to the need for a re-inking and come with eleven color selections.

Photo Permanent Marking Kits

27 July, 2012 (14:34) | Ink Stamps, Permanent Ink Rubber Stamps, Personalized Rubber Stamps, Photo Ink Stamping | By: admin

Photographers who want to permanently stamp on photos adore for a slew of reasons.

In addition to the standard reasons why our hundreds of thousands of customers adore us and return again and again, free shipping on orders totally more than ten dollars, free text and artwork customization, second to none customer service and a friendly, knowledgeable staff; photographers get’s Photo Permanent Marking Kit.

Rubber stampin on phots requires special permanent fast dry photography ink.

Rubber stamping on photos requires special permanent fast dry photography ink.

The quick drying, acid free ink comes in black, blue, or red and is smudge-proof for crisp, clear impressions on photographs.

The kit includes a two ounce bottle of ink, a two ounce bottle of re-conditioner and an industrial IP-2 custom rubber stamp pad with a large surface area, perfect for use with your custom rubber hand stamp!

The kit comes from with free shipping too. Don’t forget to check out our massive selection of custom rubber hand stamps, or design your own!

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