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Rubber Stamps Mounted On Wood

25 February, 2015 (14:13) | Custom Rubber Stamps, Custom Wood Mountted Stamps, Hand Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

In this high tech world there are often low tech solutions, like wood mounted custom rubber stamps, for which there is no high tech substitute.

DSCN2841Wood mounted rubber stamps are still used extensively, even though the newer self-inking and pre-inked stamps are readily available.


Because wood mounted rubber stamps can be made in any size you need, up to 8 x 10 and as small as a quarter inch square…where self inkers and pre inked stamps come in a variety of sizes, but not an almost unlimited variety like with rubber stamps mounted on wood.

At you can easily upload your art or text files and order a huge variety of custom wood mounted stamps in an almost unlimited range of sizes.DSCN2844

Rubber Stamp champ also specialized in offering the correct ink pad for use with your custom wood handled wood mounted rubber stamps, and frequently provides custom wood stamps with permanent ink kits for marking on all types of surfaces.  That’s another reason wood rubber stamps are still so popular, because they are easy to use with permanent ink in permanent ink stamp pads. 

Visit Rubber Stamp Champ today and design, proof and order all the mounted on wood rubber stamps you can handle.  We’ll provide them fast, with top quality engraved dies, and built to last, all for a price that can’t be beat., your top source for rubber stamps mounted on wood blocks.

Ink Stamps Custom Made

24 February, 2015 (14:04) | Date Stamps, Heavy-Duty Rubber Stamps, Ink Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Ink stamps from are available in as many sizes and configurations as you could possibly imagine. has the largest selection of ink stamps online including all the top brand name ink stamps for business at the lowest prices anywhere.

If you need Trodat ink stamps custom made, Ideal ink stamps or Xstamper ink stamps, you don’t have to look any further than the link provided here.  Just click on this post and you will be taken to the largest selection of ink stamps, ink stamps for business, self-inking ink stamps and pre-ink stamps as well. 

Even ink stamps with date marking are available at at low Knockout prices.

Don't miss the boat when ordering rubber stamps, visit!

Don’t miss the boat when ordering rubber stamps, visit!

How Can I Find Rubber Stamps Online

24 February, 2015 (05:44) | Hand Stamps, Ideal Self Inking Stamps, Ink Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Ideal custom self-inking rubber stamps for less at

Ideal custom self-inking rubber stamps for less at

You can always find rubber stamps online at

Just enter in your top bar and you will find the largest selection of rubber stamps online in America. offers all manner of self-inking stamps, pre-inked stamps, address rubber stamps, return address rubber stamps, wooden hand woodmount_largestamps for use with a pad, and much more.

Rubber Stamp champ specializes in name brands at Knockout Prices, so you can design, proof and order custom rubber stamps like Ideal, Trodat, Xstamper and more, for much less at 

Always go to and you’ll be glad you did, due to our superior selection, price and service on all custom rubber stamps.

Order Custom Rubber Stamps For Overnight Delivery

24 February, 2015 (01:37) | Personalized Rubber Stamps, Return Address Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamp, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

It doesn’t matter where you are in the United States, if you need custom rubber stamps delivered overnight.

Put wings on your rubber stamp order when you order overnight rubber stamps from!

We’ll put wings on your rubber stamp order when you order overnight rubber stamps from!

Visit and we’ll get custom rubber stamps to you overnight.

Order any custom rubber stamp from Rubber Stamp Champ before Noon Eastern Time, add overnight delivery and we will expedite your order and get it to you anywhere in the United States the very next day.

Rubber Stamp Champ delivers on it’s overnight promise for address rubber stamps, notary rubber stamps, logo rubber stamps, extra large rubber stamps and a whole lot more.

Visit today and get your order tomorrow!

Large Hand Stamps And Ink Pads

21 February, 2015 (12:57) | Large Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamp Ink Pads, Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamps Custom Made | By: admin

Extra Large Rubber Stamps Laser Engraved At Rubber Stamp Champ!

Extra Large Rubber Stamps Laser Engraved At Rubber Stamp Champ!

No job is too large for Rubber Stamp Champ and that includes the largest custom rubber stamps and stamp pads you can get anywhere.

When you visit you’ll find you can order wood mounted and rocker wood mounted rubber stamps with handles, up to 8″ x 10″ in size. 

This means if you want to mark pizza boxes, stamp large items in your warehouse, or perform any other large stamping need, can get the job one for you.

And at we will laser engrave your large rubber stamp so the impression you want will ink up easy and transfer perfectly to the surface you are stamping on.  How will you ink such large rubber stamps?  With extra large rubber stamp ink pads, provided by Rubber Stamp Champ of course, in sizes large enough to accommodate up to 8″ x 10″ rubber stamps

Engineering And Architect Rubber Stamps

20 February, 2015 (10:40) | Business Rubber Stamps, Corporate Seals and Stamps, Engineering and Architect Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Engineers and architects always find the rubber stamps they need at

Rubber Stamp Champ has more rubber stamps than anyone else online.  So whether you need address stamps, pre-inked wedding invitation rubber stamps, permanent ink marking rubber stamps, or even hard-to-find rubber stamps like those specifically made for engineers and architects, always visit to find exactly what you want.

Rubber Stamp champ also prides itself on fast turnaround times, excellent customer service and the best quality stamp makers in America.

If you need engineer or architect rubber stamps, go to right now and you’ll be glad you did.

Dog Owner Rubber Stamps And Pet Tags

21 January, 2015 (23:25) | Laser-Engraved Pet Tags, Rubber Stamps, Stock Message Stamps | By: admin

Your pooch may not be able to sing and talk like some puppies, but you certainly love your canine anyway.

And with a pet owner’s unconditional admiration in mind you most certainly would like a paw print or other type of dog rubber stamp, or a nice engraved pet tag to help Barfy from getting lost if he should ditch you at the animal park and head off for parts unknown.

Just visit Rubber Stamp Champ and choose from our wide selection of pet tags in 11 different colors, engraved with your custom message for just $6.99 each.  Or click on our stock message stamps to see all the dog related rubber stamps we have to offer as well.

Who knows, when you get a colorful pet tag for your animal from, he may be so happy he’ll start singing like he’s in an online video!



Kitchen Of Rubber Stamps On Sale Now

21 January, 2015 (11:35) | Custom Rubber Stamps, Customized Rubber Stamps, Monogram Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

If you love to experiment in the kitchen with all types of concoctions, and people wind up just loving your bison meatloaf, vegan spaghetti, carrot and cucumber salads or whatever it is you love to make best, let everyone know about it with from the kitchen of rubber stamps.

Just click the link provided here and you will automatically be taken to the correct page at, where all our great kitchen of rubber stamps are now on sale for only $29.50.

There are plenty of great designs to choose from and all you have to do is click on the one you like, add your name and presto, everyone who gets a recipe card from you will know it was born in the kitchen of Karen…or whatever your name is.  Have fun, and good eating, from


I Have A Dream Rubber Stamps

19 January, 2015 (13:43) | Custom Rubber Stamps, Holiday Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Martin Luther King was one of the most inspirational people who ever walked the face of the planet, and his speech in Washington D.C. will be remembered always, as will his dream of a united United States.

The entire speech is very excellent and very much worth hearing, which you can do just by clicking on this link; Martin Luther King speech.

And if now, or after hearing the speech, you are inspired to have a dream of your own, why not visit by clicking this link, and make yourself an I Have A Dream rubber stamp.  You can easily use our site to create a stamp using those words in just about any size you wish, you can choose from 11 ink colors, and provide yourself with an inspirational message to stamp on anything and everything.

Do you have a dream today?  If so, visit and make a rubber stamp that says that so you can remind yourself, and anyone else you wish, that having a dream is a very good thing.

Thanks, and Happy Martin Luther King Day from

How Can I Make A Rubber Stamp For My Wedding Invitations

19 January, 2015 (13:21) | Customized Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamps, Wedding Rubber Stamps | By: admin

The fastest, easiest, best and least expensive way to make a custom rubber stamp for your wedding invitations is to simply click on this sentence and you will be automatically taken to the appropriate page for so doing at

Make your wedding more fun with custom wedding invitation rubber stamps from

At you can easily upload your wedding invitation artwork in whatever size you wish, and whatever ink color you wish and create the perfect rubber stamp for your wedding right online, no problem.

The process of ordering a custom wedding invitation rubber stamp, or rubber stamps to mark your guest cards, napkins or whatever you wish is very inexpensive at Rubber Stamp Champ, and may indeed turn out to be one of the most fun, creative and inexpensive aspects of your entire wedding!

And if you’ve waited until the last minute, no problem, will make and ship your customized wedding rubber stamps overnight if you wish, and if you order in the morning you can have them delivered right to your doorstep anywhere in the United States tomorrow.



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