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Knockout Self-Inking Rubber Stamp Selection!

23 April, 2014 (03:38) | Rubber Stamps, Self Inking Stamps, Self-Inking Rubber Stamp Replacement Ink Pads, Stamp | By: admin

As if Ideal, Trodat and Cosco self-inking customizable rubber stamps didn’t offer an appropriate number of rubber stamp choices, stocks Shiny self-inking stamps too!

The Champs advocate the proper stamp for the plethora of functions a rubber stamp can be used for.

While the aforementioned Cosco, Ideal and Trodat self-inking rubber stamps allow for most instances.

Shiny self-inking stamps provide rubber stamp impression printing capabilities in irregular spaces.

In the past you might have gotten away utilizing a self-inking stamp that didn’t quite fit the area you printed impressions in.

Rubber Stamp Champ now offers you the option of using only the properly fit self-inking stamp for your irregularly shaped area.




22 April, 2014 (12:54) | Address Rubber Stamps, Art Stamps, Bank Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Low, Knockout Prices.

Knockout Service.

Knockout Selection.

The very definition of flawlessly produced custom and stock message rubber stamps.

The aforementioned attributes are possessed by a single rubber stamp company,

Here at Rubber Stamp Champ, nothing is more important to the Champs, than is living up to the above.

To ensure the highest quality rubber stamps are the only stamps leaving our warehouse in sunny San Marcos, California., with an eye towards improving your custom rubber stamp purchasing experience, ships all orders out in just 1 to 3 business days.

All orders totaling more than $10, ship from free of charge.

Address stamps, bank stamps, art stamps, or, any stamp, pre-inked, self-inking, or traditional rubber hand stamps qualify!

Shipping Supply Rubber Stamps

22 April, 2014 (12:52) | Address Rubber Stamps, Date Stamps, Rubber Stamps, Stock Message Stamps | By: admin

Shipping supply rubber stamps made by are produced and shipped out in less than three days.

Quality, durability and crisp, clean rubber stamp impressions on all your out and inbound stamped packages are what our customers know as champion quality shipping supply rubber stamps.

Between each rubber stamp ink refill, custom shipping supply rubber stamps from Rubber Stamp Champ print as many as 50,000 shipping supply stamp impressions.

Shipping supply flawlessly manufactured rubber stamps purchased from are all made to precise, exacting standards.’s Champs test each custom, or stock message rubber stamp prior to your shipping supply rubber stamp being shipped.

That way, on the rare occasion, when the ever-knowledgeable Champs happen to make even the smallest error in the shipping supply rubber stamp manufacturing process, we catch it before it’s shipped.

You get the highest quality, top-quality-shipping-supply-rubber-stamps, at Knockout Prices, with complimentary Knockout Service, likely free shipping ($10+ qualifies!) and the most kick butt shipping supply rubber stamps on the market today.


Knockout Prices On Custom Traditional Rubber Stamps

21 April, 2014 (21:53) | Event Hand Stamps, Free Shipping, Hand Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Traditional rubber hand stamps are a staple at Rubber Stamp Champ, specifically, you’ll easily be able to order any number of custom hand stamps or stock message hand stamps at builds it’s rubber hand stamps from high-quality wood and rubber components.

Mostly, they’re quite similar, indeed, to most every custom or stock message hand stamp presently being used.

What sets Rubber Stamp Champ’s hand stamps apart is the attention to detail put into each traditional rubber hand stamp, and the Low, Knockout Prices and Customer Service only found at

Add to that, lightening fast turnaround times and free shipping on orders totaling more than $10, it’s easy to see why hundreds of thousands of customers chose the Champs,

Rubber Stamps, Get Your Rubber Stamps Here!

21 April, 2014 (21:49) | Custom Art Stamps, Custom Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamps, Stock Message Stamps | By: admin

If you were once young, and are American, you’ve likely been to a couple baseball games and heard the hawkers selling everything from peanuts to beer and hot dogs.

I can see and hear it now, it’s the mid-eighties and my family and I have come to County Stadium to watch a Brewer’s game and partake in the related festivities.

In the face of my essentially non-existent interest in the sport of baseball, I always got a kick of the Miller Lite guys.

“Beer here,” they’d proclaim in two or three directions, “Get your beer here!”

Likewise, you need not have an interest or a liking for custom rubber stamps.

However, if you’ve found yourself bound to needing rubber stamps,  custom or stock message rubber stamps then you too, I hope, will get a kick out of’s Knockout Selection and Service. is just like those beer guys I so fondly recall, hardworking, the best prices, and with a unique, and rarely witnessed dedication to the customers.

In conclusion, Stamps Here!

Get your Rubber Stamps here!



Rubber Stamps Make The World Go Around

10 March, 2014 (22:05) | Address Rubber Stamps, Custom Rubber Stamps, Date Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Make your rubber stamp world go around better with custom rubber stamps from

Maybe it sounds like a bit of an overstatement, but in so many ways, rubber stamps do make the world go around…or at least they help quite a bit in it’s continuing to rotate smoothly.

Here’s why.

Just imagine a world without Paid Rubber Stamps, Received Rubber Stamps and Do Not Bend Rubber Stamps.

Things would go unpaid, unreceived and would frequently get bent.

This is not even to mention all the time and date stamps, the die plate date rubber stamps, address stamps and custom return address stamps that also help move things around quite well.

So if you think that rubber stamps make the world go around, or you don’t…you will probably still need at least one custom rubber stamp sometime soon. And when you do, the best place to go for over 1800 custom rubber stamp items at Knockout Prices is

And don’t forget, all orders of custom rubber stamps over $10 ship free from Rubber Stamp Champ.

Doctor’s Office Rubber Stamp Supply

21 January, 2014 (13:37) | Bank Stamps, Business Rubber Stamps, Deposit Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Working in the average doctor’s office can be a daunting arrangement, depending on the title you hold.

I’ve talked to office managers at various doctor offices in the past.  Based on the conversations I learned two things.  First, I’d not be speaking with them again any time soon.  Not because they were mean people, but due only to the second thing I learned; just how busy the doctor’s office can be.

If that’s the case where you’re presently working, and you’re interested in having a little extra time, go to for all your rubber stamps and rubber stamp supplies, now! has a vast selection of over 1,800 rubber stamp and rubber stamping accessories for use in a doctor’s office.

With Rubber Stamp Champ’s Low, Knockout Prices, free shipping on orders over $10 and lightening-like turnaround times, you’ve got one choice for doctor’s office rubber stamp supply.

Make Custom Rubber Stamps Online

15 January, 2014 (02:37) | Custom Art Stamps, Custom Logo Rubber Stamps, Custom Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Making custom rubber stamps online has never been easier than it is now with

What’s more, our team is presently working to improve the useability of the website to an ever-more refined level.

When you come to make your custom rubber stamps online, it’s that understands your rush.

All it takes is a couple minutes of your time and an original idea for your custom rubber stamp made online with

Because everyone seems to be in a rush these days, turns around new orders in 1-3 days, and ships all orders over $10 free!


Changeable Date Custom Rubber Stamps

7 January, 2014 (20:37) | Business Rubber Stamps, Custom Rubber Stamps, Date Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

At, the only place in person or online to where you’ll find Low, Knockout Price & Service are included with each purchase. doesn’t discriminate when it comes to the overall experience shopping with us, large or small, Knockout Prices & Service are on the house.

This month only, just to ring in the New Year correctly, is having it’s annual date stamp sale.

Rubber date stamps, custom date stamps and stock date stamps are all on sale until the 31st of January, 2014!

Certain changeable custom rubber date stamps you’ll find at’s Xstamper date stamp page can be manually manipulated in order to change the date printed, or even the printed accompanying message!

Colorful Custom Colorsplash Self Inkers

7 January, 2014 (20:36) | Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamps Online, Self Inking Stamps, Self-Inking Rubber Stamp Replacement Ink Pads | By: admin

Self-inking rubber stamps have been around for ages.

First patented on March 16th, 1886, by a Mr. B.B. Hill, the custom or stock message self-inking rubber stamp has been a mainstay of business and an indispensable tool of art and craft enthusiasts.

Self inkers have come a long way since the nineteenth century.

Constant change, improvement and tinkering produced reliable rubber stamps that re-ink their rubber stamp die with a self-inking rubber stamp mechanism.

One can now reasonably expect their custom self-inking rubber stamp to print between 5,000 and 20,000 good to excellent quality rubber stamp impressions and is refillable for usage well into the 100′s of thousands of stamp-lifetime impressions. is bringing yet another improvement to the forefront of self-inking rubber stamp aesthetics, the self-inking Shiny Color Splash!

Log onto now to see the Shiny Color Splash selection at Low, Knockout Prices!

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