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Heavy-Duty Self-Inking Shiny Stamps At Low Prices

14 July, 2014 (14:37) | Custom Rubber Stamps, Self Inking Rubber Stamps, Self Inking Stamps, Shiny Self-Inking Stamps | By: admin has over two thousand rubber stamp products including custom rubber stamps, stock message rubber stamps and a slew of rubber stamping accessories which you’ll not find in another, so well organized place, as compared to the easy-to-order-from-website,!’s incredibly solid feeling Shiny heavy duty line of self-inking rubber stamps are the go-to rubber stamp when one needs a stamp able to withstand heavy usage, day after day and week shiny_heavy_duty_self_inking_general_FINALafter week.

Shiny heavy-duty self-inking rubber stamps are the workhorse stamp

Everything about’s line of Shiny heavy-duty numbering rubber stamps, either in custom self-inking configurations or custom non-self-inking configurations, or if you prefer, even absurdly useful, customizable-on-the-fly devices like Xstamper’s Xtensions, screams high-quality, absolute high durability when in the palm of your eager stamping your hand.

Stock Message Rubber Stamps Fast

11 July, 2014 (14:32) | Art Stamps, Pre Inked Stamps, Rubber Stamps, Self Inking Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Rubber Stamp Champ exclusively offers stock message rubber stamps at manufacturer direct Low, Knockout Prices.

At, you’ll find a variety of stock message rubber stamps ranging from stock clip art stamps to smiley face and teacher stock stamps.

You’ll a variety of stock message stamp types.

Pre-inked stock message stamps for office and business uses, self-inking stock message rubber stamps for teachers, for business, and for fun!

Teacher stamps to make teachers paper grading life a little easier, lots fasterStock_stamps_final_03.

Whatever you might use your stock message rubber stamp for, you’ll have it in your hands fast, just 1 to 3 business days

Are You Stamping On Non-Glossy Surfaces?

4 July, 2014 (04:37) | Hand Stamps, Rubber Stamps Online, Self Inking Rubber Stamps, Xstamper Custom Pre-Inked Rubber Stamps | By: admin


This is a great question.

The easiest way to determine what type of stamp you need it to first know what type of material you’ll be stamping your custom impression on. In other words, will you be stamping on paper, or some other glossy surface?

If you’ll be stamping on paper or other non-glossy surfaces, cardboard, Kraft paper bags or similar materials, then you’ll be able to choose from the following stamp types which very in impression quality and price.

What it boils down to when you shop at is how much you’re looking to spend on a custom stamp designed to print stamp impressions onto paper and paper products.

Any of’s pre-inked, self-inking, or traditional hand stamps with water-based stamp inks are suitable for non-glossy surface stamping!

Custom Ideal Rubber Stamps At Knockout Prices

23 June, 2014 (23:49) | Custom Rubber Stamps, Ideal Self Inking Stamps, Self Inking Rubber Stamps, Self Inking Stamps | By: admin is the place to buy custom self-inking Ideal rubber stamps at Low, Knockout Prices.

Rubber Stamp Champ offers manufacturer direct pricing to every one.

If you need just one stamp, or you need 1,000 custom self-inking rubber stamps, offers Ideal stamps with free art or text customization.

You’ll find you’re the decision maker when it comes to Rubber Stamp Champs eleven vibrant stamp ink colors.

Custom Ideal self-inking stamps are refillable and print up to 10,000 good quality rubber stamp impressions between refills.

Order just $10 or more in premium quality custom self-inking stamp merchandise to qualify for the Champ’s free shipping.

Cosco and Team Up

22 June, 2014 (23:47) | Cosco Self-Inking Rubber Stamps, Custom Rubber Stamps, Self Inking Rubber Stamps, Self Inking Stamps | By: admin

Cosco Self-Inking_50 percent image

Two giant brands collide to bring consumers the highest-quality-for-the-price self-inking rubber stamps., your manufacturer direct price source for all things rubber stamp related has teamed up with a name everyone knows and trusts, Cosco.

Cosco and Rubber Stamp Champ are excited to bring you Cosco 2000 Plus self-inking rubber stamps at 50% off our already Low, Knockout Prices.

Now, this masterpiece of custom self-inking rubber stamp pricing isn’t going to last forever.

If I were you and I needed a custom self-inking rubber stamp for just about any purpose, I’d get over to before the deal is gone.

Add A Splash Of Vibrant Color To Your Stamps

21 June, 2014 (23:36) | Rubber Stamps, Self Inking Rubber Stamps, Self Inking Stamps, Shiny Self-Inking Stamps | By: admin


At we like to think our Low, Knockout Prices, fast turnaround times, and second-to-none-customer-service representatives add a dash of color to your normally mundane lives.

Additionally, Rubber Stamp Champ stocks Shiny Color Splash self-inking rubber stamps!

Shiny Color Splash customizable self-inking rubber stamps are stamp ink refillable.

Color Splash rubber stamps from come in eleven vibrant, water-based stamp ink colors.

Self-inking Shiny Color Splash stamps come in three sizes, perfect for any custom rubber stamping use., by the way, is presently running a 20% off sale on all our Shiny color splash self-inking rubber stamps.

Free Shipping From

24 May, 2014 (04:29) | Hand Stamps, Pre Inked Stamps, Self Inking Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Surfing the ol’ interwebs for a good deal on stamps and rubber stamp accessories?

Sick of minimum orders to qualify for free shipping that are too high?

Go to and take a deep breath; that revitalized feeling comes from the fresh air that is our free shipping deal.

At just $10, you’d have trouble NOT qualifying for’s free First Class shipping offer.

Date stamps, number stamps, address stamps, or bank stamps, if they’re over $10, ships them free.

Pre-inked stamps, self-inking stamps, or traditional hand stamps, orders over $10, Rubber Stamp Champ ships them free!

By now, you’ve got the point.

Go to if you’d like to save yourself a minimum order headache.

Number Only Self-Inking Rubber Stamps At Low Prices

22 May, 2014 (04:23) | Number Stamps, Office Supplies, Self Inking Rubber Stamps, Shiny Self-Inking Stamps | By: admin

Self-Inking number only rubber stamps are an extraordinarily useful tool for many businesses using number stamps during the course of day to day business.

If we lived in a world void of self-inking number stamps, we’d exist with the monumental task of hand numbering everything currently numbered with a self-inking number stamp. has a great selection of self-inking Shiny number only rubber stamps at Low, Knockout Prices.

Shiny self-inking number only rubber stamps come from in your choice of eleven vibrant stamp ink colors.

The heavy-duty construction of Shiny number only self-inking stamps features a cramp-free handle and silent self-inking stamp mechanism.

Corporate Stamps & Seals From Rubber Stamp Champ

12 May, 2014 (06:00) | Corporate Seals and Stamps, Hand Stamps, Pre Inked Stamps, Self Inking Rubber Stamps | By: admin diligently pumps out custom corporate rubber stamps and seals for each of the fifty United States.

Incorporated, Limited Liability, or Non-Profit entities can easily order corporate rubber stamps and seals from in just few minutes! stocks three types of custom corporate rubber stamps.

You’ll find pre-inked, self-inking and traditional rubber hand stamps for corporate rubber stamp applications.

Xstamper and iStamp pre-inked stamps, Ideal and MaxStamp self-inking rubber stamps and  hand-made-hand-stamps are all available at

If you like Low, Knockout Prices, receiving your faster than you thought possible, and the best customer service in the rubber stamp industry; I’ve only this….


Custom Rubber Stamps With A KeyChain?

9 May, 2014 (06:44) | Rubber Stamps Online, Self Inking Rubber Stamps, Self Inking Stamps, Trodat Self Inking Stamps | By: admin

I saw this nifty little customizable rubber stamp at today and thought to myself, “sheesh, these rubber stamp Champs really have thought of it all!” has this petite-ly proportioned self-inking Trodat rubber stamp with an attached key chain.

The Trodat Printy 4910 is self-inking rubber stamp sporting a conveniently portable rubber stamp die measuring just 3/8″ x 1.”

Don’t let the Trodat Printy 4910′s small personalize-able rubber stamp die fool you, this ultra-portable mini-stamp prints thousands of good quality stamp impressions and is stamp ink refillable for years of use!



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