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Category: Stamp Cleaners Introduces Rubber Stamp Maintenance

8 August, 2013 (05:08) | Rubber Stamp, Rubber Stamp Accessories, Stamp Cleaners, Stamping Supplies | By: admin

The Champs at don’t just want to send you a perfect custom or stock message rubber stamp, in record time, at Low, Knockout Prices; nope, Rubber Stamp Champ strives at every turn to go above and beyond. 

Our Stamp Making Champs have an eye for detail like no other, amazing to anyone in their right mind.

The Champs at have then, the experience, in depth knowledge of rubber stamp manufacturing and maintenance, and state-of-the-art equipment at their finger tips.

Combined with a dedication to serve our customers as completely as possible, has recently begun to stock rubber stamp care and cleaning products to assist you in the maintenance of your custom and stock message rubber stamps., our easy-to-order-from-website, you’ll find rubber stamp cleaning solution, plus two different sized stamp pad scrubbers, single and double.

The more carefully one maintains his rubber stamps the longer they produce quality results.

Go to now; show your rubber stamp collection a little cleaning solution/rubber stamp scrubber love.

Clean Rubber Stamps Leave Cleaner Impressions

16 January, 2013 (16:46) | Stamp Cleaners | By: admin

Gross, make sure your rubber stamps don’t look like this!


If you’re looking for an easy, cost-effective way to clean your rubber stamps, never fear, is here! stocks two essential products for the cleaning and revitalization of your rubber stamps; regardless of whether you use pre-inked, self-inking, or traditional rubber hand stamps, the cleaning solution Ultra Clean and the our stamp scrubber pad (and the double scrubber pads) are all you need to clean and revitalize your rubber stamps.’s Ultra Clean rubber stamp cleaning solution, sells for just seventeen fifty per eight ounce bottle is such an awesome cleaner, you can go from dark ink use to light ink use (black to pink, for example) without having to worry about the dark ink affecting the latter use of lighter rubber stamp ink colors.

Rubber Stamp Champ’s  Single and Double Scrubber Pads go for just twelve ninety five and fifteen ninety five, respectively and when you purchase a bottle of Ultra Clean with your rubber stamp scrubber pads, you’ll never have to worry about your pads being permanently stained with ink, simply wash with Ultra Clean and rinse with plain water.

Regardless of whether you order one or all three of these rubber stamp cleaning products, will ship your order free of any shipping or handling charges!

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