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Ordering Stamps, It’s A Snap

17 August, 2014 (14:33) | Rubber Stamps, Stamping Supplies, Stamps, Uncategorized | By: admin

fred_rogers_finalIf Mr. Rogers were still around and broadcasting his memorably famous children’s television show, he’s surely be touting the many attributes of, your friendly online rubber stamp retailer.

It’s a sure thing, Mr. Rogers would, as he took off his famously dorky sweater and hung it in it’s proper place, be speaking about Rubber Stamp Champ.

Mr. Rogers would discuss the Champs, the speed with which they turned around custom and stock message rubber stamp orders.

The flawless, premium quality rubber stamps they consistently produced over many years.

Other days, watchers would be treated to anecdotal stories about how’s customer service Champs were infinitely knowledgeable, and always willing to help a customer.



Save $7.75 When You Buy Cosco 2000 Plus Self-Inking Printer 10 Stamps

16 August, 2014 (14:32) | Cosco Self-Inking Rubber Stamps, Self Inking Rubber Stamps, Self Inking Stamps, Stamps | By: admin

printer_10If you, or someone you know needs a custom self-inking rubber stamp with a small impression area, go to stocks many brands when it comes to self-inking, custom rubber stamps.

Among the best selling, is the 2ooo Plus line made by Cosco.

Within the 24 various sizes, the Cosco 2000 Plus Printer 10 customize-able self-inking stamps is one of the best selling.

Printer 10 self-inking stamps print impressions measuring 3/8″ x 1 1/8,” perfect for small size stamp applications!

Order two Cosco Printer 10 self-inking stamps for free shipping from!

Stock Clip Art Rubber Stamps At Low, Wholesale Prices

13 August, 2014 (14:25) | Art Stamps, Clipart Rubber Stamps, Stamps, Stock Message Stamps | By: admin

clip_art_stamps_finalClip art rubber stamps are the easiest way to add a little personality to almost any written document, is the easy-to-order-from-website where a slew of clip art rubber stamps are sold at Low, Knockout Prices.

With over 170 clip art rubber stamp choices, you’ll easily see why over 725,000 customers have ordered their rubber stamps from

Just 1 – 3 business days is what it takes Rubber Stamp Champ’s production department to turnaround your stock clip art rubber stamp order.

All you need to do is order $10 or more in stock clip art rubber stamps to qualify for’s free First Class shipping offer!

Serious Stock Message Smiley Face Is NOT To Be Doubted

2 July, 2014 (04:30) | Rubber Stamps, Stamps, Stock Message Stamps, Teacher Rubber Stamps | By: admin

smiley_face_stock_stamps_finalStock clip-art rubber stamps can be found in all four corners of the World Wide Web, you can only find stock clip-art stamps for Low, Knockout Prices at

Rubber Stamp Champ has been bringing stamp manufacturer direct, wholesale prices to the public for over a decade.

Shopping confidently at comes naturally to all wise enough to pay us a visit.

With over 700,000 customers ordering from, there’s not a reason why someone wouldn’t make their lives easy next time stock clip art stamps are required.

Rubber Stamp Champ’s easy-to-order-from-website has over 170 stock clip art rubber stamp choices.

Eleven stock clipart stamp color choices and free shipping on orders $10 or more, is the wisest choice.

Has Signing Your Name Become Tedious?

19 June, 2014 (23:29) | Rubber Stamps Custom Made, Signature Stamps, Stamps, Stamps Rubber | By: admin


If signing your name is all you seem to do anymore at work, can help.

When signing your name has become the epitome of tedious tasks, can help.

Anytime hiring an assistant to make up time lost to affixing your signature to documents, you guessed it, can, and most certainly will, help. is the place to go when signing your name more than you like has become commonplace.

The Champs offer Low, Knockout Prices on all custom rubber stamps, including custom signature rubber stamps.

Choose from many types of signature-capable-stamps and eleven vibrant stamp ink colors.

Spending more than $10? will ship your newly customized signature rubber stamps to you, free!

Why Shop With The Man When You Can Shop With The Champs

18 June, 2014 (23:25) | Stamp, Stamps, Stamps Rubber, Uncategorized | By: admin

Most people would agree, being the man is good.

A vast number of those agreeable to the above fact, also agree being the Champ is better than being the man.

While the potential exists for many to be the man, only one can be the Champ; that’s what being the Champ is by definition.

It’s the same in the world of rubber stamps.

There’s just one Champ of the rubber stamp world,

More than 700,000 people have ordered from the Champs to date.

The Champs churn customized rubber stamps out like the man can only dream of, flawlessly.

The Champs have Knockout Prices, Knockout Service and with over 1,800 products, Knockout Selection.

Why would you shop anywhere but

Customized Office Supplies Rubber Stamps

27 May, 2014 (04:39) | Office Supplies, Stamping Supplies, Stamps, Uncategorized | By: admin allows you to customize your office supply order with multiple custom rubber stamps, and rubber stamp supplies.

Artwork and/or office rubber stamp text customization is no additional charge at has many types, shapes, and sizes of custom rubber stamps to choose from.

The Champs make customized office rubber stamp supply ordering just Too Easy.

At all that’s needed is add the custom office stamp, quickly Customize it; repeat until your customized office rubber stamp supply order is complete and checkout with Champ-like-confidence.

Your custom rubber stamp and office rubber stamp supply will shortly arrive!

Thanks very much,


Trodat 4911, Knockout Price, $9.75 At

6 May, 2014 (14:31) | Custom Rubber Stamps, Self Inking Rubber Stamps, Stamps, Trodat Self Inking Stamps | By: admin, widely known for the most experienced, knowledgeable customer service representatives and lightening-like turnaround times, just reduced their Trodat 4911 price.

At $9.75, and as Low as $6.25 if you’re purchasing bulk amounts, it’s easy to recognize why calls their Low Prices, Knockout Prices.

Rubber Stamp Champ’s customizable Trodat 4911 is a self-inking rubber stamp which prints up to 10,000 crisp, clean, good quality stamp impressions between each ink refill.

Order your stamps in your choice of eleven vibrant rubber stamp ink colors and get free shipping if your order exceeds $10!, Creating Perfect Rubber Stamp Impressions

8 October, 2013 (05:26) | Rubber Stamp, Rubber Stamps, Stamp, Stamps | By: admin

Rubber stamp impression quality depends largely upon just a few contributing factors, all of which must be present if you’d like your custom rubber stamp to reliably print excellent quality rubber stamp impressions.

Contributing factors to the quality of rubber stamp impressions include raw die material, the experience, abilities and combine rubber stamp manufacturing experience, and, of course, the rubber stamp die manufacturing equipment.

Using only the highest quality raw material,, and our Champion Stamp Makers using state-of-the-art laser engraving equipment have the ability to manufacture hundreds of laser-engraved, precisely designed and laser-engraved rubber stamp dies which produce nothing but the highest quality rubber stamp impressions, every hour.

The Champs ensure all your custom and stock message rubber stamps produce the highest possible quality rubber stamp impressions, tens of thousands of times over, at the lowest possible, manufacturer direct Knockout prices, found only at

If you’re looking to make an impression with your custom rubber stamp impression, it’s time to visit

You won’t find better, Knockout Prices, Knockout Service, or Knockout Quality, period.



Xstamper Xtensions, Knockout Prices, Free Shipping!

16 August, 2013 (04:48) | Alphabet Rubber Stamps, Specialty Ink Rubber Stamp Pads, Stamps, Xstamper | By: admin

There’s been countless occasions in the shop where we’ve I wished I’d ordered a different impression, on my custom band stamp for part marking, even wishing I’d ordered a different custom part inspection/certification stamp all together.

Then, one day I was scouring the internet for a solution to my stamp reordering blues!

I found Rubber Stamp Champ’s easy-to-order-from-website, who carries several different kits of the ingenious Xstamper Xtensions, a snap-together rubber stamp kit for on-th- fly adjustment.

Xstamper Xtensions come in three fonts; Xtensions snap together both vertically and horizontally, forming rubber stamps to suit your needs, easily reaching formerly hard-to-reach-with-a-big-rubber-stamp-in-your-hand, places.

The Champs at Rubber Stamp Champ recommend any permanent, quick dry Artline rubber stamp ink, which is also in stock, for use upon a variety of surfaces.  Xstamper Xtensions rubber stamp kits are compatible with all permanent, quick dry rubber stamp inks and require the use of a separate rubber stamp ink pad.

Finally, just to make your experience more enjoyable, includes free shipping with all Xstamper Xtensions kit purchases!


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