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The Rock Of The Rubber Stamp Industry,

19 May, 2014 (04:19) | Rubber Stamp Ink Pads, Rubber Stamps, Specialty Ink Rubber Stamp Pads, Stamp Pad, Stone Stamp Pads | By: admin has been known in the past to have in stock what customers have had trouble finding in the past.

An excellent example of such a product, you’re in luck if you happen to be using solvent or acid based industrial ink, is’s stone stamp pads.

These obviously durable stone stamp pads come from in two shapes, round and rectangular.

Round stone stamp pads for use with solvent or acid based industrial inks come in two sizes.’s smaller round stone stamp pad, size #1, is 1 1/4″ in diameter, the size #2 is 1 3/4″ in diameter.

The rectangular stone rubber stamp pad boasts a massive surface area measuring a massive 2 1/2″ x 4.”

All three stone rubber stamp pads for use with separate rubber stamps and industrial rubber stamp inks are at for Low, Knockout Prices.

Come get some.

Industrial Stone Stamp Pads For Solvent and Acid Based Rubber Stamp Inks

29 August, 2013 (05:32) | Specialty Ink Rubber Stamp Pads, Stamp Pad, Stone Stamp Pads | By: admin


Rubber Stamp Champ and their easy-to-order-from-website, is the only place you’d want to purchase custom and stock message rubber stamps, and rubber stamping accessories and supplies from if you’re in the market. lists over 1,800 products.  Each listing, you’ll find the Low, Knockout Prices that contributed to making Champs out of Rubber Stamp Champ, literally.

From custom pre-inked and self-inking rubber stamps, to custom laser engraved products, and an assortment of rubber stamping supplies and accessories large enough to cover just about every rubber stamp related requirement you have.

Take for example,’s stone stamp pads for rubber stamp ink.

Why would they make a rubber stamp ink pad from stone one might ask?

I know I sure did; seeming to boldly ‘defy common sense.

However, comes through for those in the realm of custom rubber stamp users with a stamp pad particularly for use with solvents and acid-based industrial marking inks without worry of constant rubber stamp pad destruction.

Just stop by our easy-to-order-from-website, today and see what useful products save you money when purchased from the Champs!

Indestructable Industrial Ink Pads –’s Stone Stamp Pads

22 January, 2013 (14:35) | Stamp Pad, Stone Stamp Pads | By: admin is literally like the Wal-Mart of online custom rubber stamp, stock message rubber stamps, and custom rubber stamping accessories. stocks a wide array of rubber stamp related products like refill stamp inks, fingerprint pads, notary supplies like record keeping books and locking metal cases, as well as more obscure, industrially suited products like our stone stamp pads of varying size, which can be used with solvent or acid based industrial marketing inks.

Rubber Stamp Champ’s virtually indestructible stone stamp pad comes in three sizes, #1, #2, and #3 sized pads; the stone stamp pads at provide a constant flow of industrial marking ink which creates high-quality, impressions with little to no smear.

And, at eight fifty, nine seventy five and eighteen dollars and fifty cents respectively, you’ll not find a more competitively priced group of industrial stone stamp pads for use with industrial solvent or acid based inks anywhere online.

Lastly, please keep in mind, ships all orders over ten dollars free of charge, remember to grab some bottles of ink or any other rubber stamp or rubber stamp accessory in order to qualify if you’re buying one of the two smaller sized pads.



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