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Month: January, 2009

Xstamper Rubber Stamps At 10% Off

31 January, 2009 (20:36) | Pre Inked Stamps, Stamps | By: admin

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Sometimes a long period of peace and prosperity have to start off with a bang.  The photo below shows more vividly than any other how World War Two ended for example, and the longest, most propserous period in the history of our country began…even in the country where the big bang took place, Japan, peace and much prosperity followed as we pitched in to help them repair all the damage we had to do to their country in order to get them to see that they should quit trying to kill us.

Our big bang was preceded of course by the big one they sought to cripple us with at Pearl Harbor in December of 1941.  And in fact, it was designed to get us to do exactly what our big bang got them to do…give up.  Anyway, their attack was a miscalculation that actually motivated the United States to go to work and become the largest most powerful nation on earth…and in the process to develop the weapon that reduced their nation to toxic rubble.  The big bang we laid on Nagasaki, on the other other, just from looking at one photo, was obviously dramatic and convincing beyond all description.

Where Do Peace And Prosperity Begin?

Where Do Peace And Prosperity Begin?

In fact, probably the most jaw dropping moment in the history of mankind was the day the United States ended a large chapter of World War Two with the unprecedented and extremely radical use and firing of just one single weapon. The atom bomb. And when you look at the photo and consider in any kind of vivid detail what was going on at that moment at Ground Zero where thousands of people and buildings were being evaporated into shadows in less than a split second, and the mayhem spreading outward from that point, you can understand why many observers considered the blast to have been the unleashing by man of the Power of God.

Our Own Ground Zero

Our Own Ground Zero

Al Qaeda declared war on the United States at something that has also been called Ground Zero, the site where the twin towers of The World Trade Center once stood in downtown New York.  A place, where just the mention of it brings an acrid burning smoke smell, and falling, powdery, stinging gray dust to the eyes of a lot of Americans.

What’s worse, is the fact that this big bang, unlike Pearl Harbor, has not caused us to rise up and become a far stronger nation in order to squash the enemy.  It has not caused us to rally together for a common cause like Pearl Harbor did, because we have not been rallied as yet to that cause.

Roosevelt rallied America when he told us that the only thing we had to fear was fear itself.  Bush toppled Saddam Hussein and now the Iraquis can vote.  And the Taliban, whoever they are, have camel-jockied their way further into the hills of the frozen slag pile they call Afganistan…but the United States is still reeling, still coughing in the streets, still running, unbelievably, for our lives as the giant cloud of smoke, soot and disintegrated office furniture rolls behinds us, toward us, through the canyons of Manhattan.

Let’s stop right here and face the dust and the crap and the blowing glass fragments, and let’s do what we have to do, to somehow pull together to put the big bang of our own on all the terrorists of the world. Would a towering shaft of nuclear energy raising up out of the desert help anything?  Contemplate the Nagasaki shot above and see if it makes you feel any better about 911 to envision a hit like that coloring the sky in a whole new way over Iran.  Send Al Qaeda a message it would.

Just an opinion. If you’ve got one, buy a rubber stamp from Rubber Stamp Champ and stamp it all over the place.  People are going online right now to our site at to buy a stamp, a custom made self inking rubber stamp, that we set up completely for them, and many of them are using these stamps to express themselves. Some people even put nasty language on their self inking rubber stamps, pre inked stamps and traditional hand stamps.  That’s okay with us.  We feel like swearing at times too.

Use your right to free speech before someone decides you shouldn’t have it anymore.  Buy a Rubber Stamp from Rubber Stamp Champ and let ’em know how you feel.

Self Inking Rubber Stamps – A Form Of Free Expression

31 January, 2009 (18:29) | Custom Rubber Stamps, Self Inking Rubber Stamps, Self Inking Stamps | By: admin

If ever the government has produced a bill worthy of support, this one, the S-34 Broadcaster Freedom Act of 2009, would be it. This piece of legislation seeks to make absolutely certain that the government of the United States can’t use the so called Fairness Doctrine to silence individuals who disagree with them.  Sounds unbelievable but it’s true, since the democrats have come to power a certain group of them in congress are seeking to reinstitute the Fairness Doctorine…which would be used to make sure people like Rush Limbaugh could not keep broadcasting.


Fairness Doctrine Seeks To Eliminate Free Speech

Fairness Doctrine Seeks To Eliminate Free Speech

If for any reason the government of the United States would seek to silence certain broadcast individuals like Rush Limbaugh for example, because those people, well, they had just turned into too much of a pain in the neck for the government?  The government of the United States can’t do that.  It’s unconstitutional.  

In the old Soviet Union they just arrested people who disagreed with the government and exiled them to Siberia.  They were called dissadents.  Alexander Solzhenitsyn

was one of the most renowned soviet dissadents.  He was a simple guy, albiet a very intellegent guy, who happened to write literature books that became world renowed for their stature, but which, unfortunately for Solzhenitsyn…pointed out things about communism that made it seem like the totally dehumanizing farce it really is, and since this point of view wasn’t convenient for the government of the Soviet Union, they arrested him and basically made him spend the rest of his life in exile for dissagreeing with them too openly and too graphically.

We can’t have stuff like that going on in the United States, but the new support for the so-called Fairness Doctrine is a big step in that direction.  I’m sure it will be inconvenient for the Obama Administration to have Rush around….but the inconveninece of opposition is a huge part of the American system.  If you want everything to go your way just because you are you and you know you are right about everything….that’s dictatorship and we are not going to have a bunch of elected donkeys telling us or Rush Limbaugh or anyone else what they can or can’t say.

So the Rubber Stamp Champ is hereby proud to give it’s stamp of approval to The Broadcaster Freedom Act Of 2009.  Find out more about it. Let’s not let the new administration turn the United States into something none of us recognize.  To stamp your approval, or disapproval on anything…just contact the Rubber Stamp Champ at for a self inking rubber stamp, custom self inking rubber stamp, self inking address stamp, self inking date stamp or pre inked Xstamper preimum ink stamp. We’ll put your custom message of whatever you want to say on a rubber stamp. Start expressing yourself now, before you lose the right to.  Go to and tell the world how you feel with a custom rubber stamp of your own.

Let Em Know How You Feel With A Rubber Stamp

Let 'Em Know How You Feel With A Custom Rubber Stamp From The Rubber Stamp Champ.

Dicscount Rubber Stamps Save Money

30 January, 2009 (13:24) | Address Stamps, Discount Rubber Stamps | By: admin


Mother Nature

Mother Nature


Everyone talks a ton about not destroying the earth or saving the planet and stuff like that, but the truth is, that’s an ego trip on behalf of the people who think and talk that way.  Just stop and think about it for a second.  If mankind marshalled all of it’s resources, all of its traditional and nuclear weapons, every toxic chemical known to man, if we set all that off at once, and dumped all that once and blew open every stinking oil well besides and let them all run down in flames to the sea…if we created, let’s say the most immense catastrophe we possibly could with all our given state-of-the-art technology….if we went out of our way to deliberately foul and compromise every natural system on the planet…we most certainly would not survive, but the planet….the planet would be just fine and in ten thousand years or less all would be back to normal, except there wouldn’t be any of us.

The only thing that’s going to destroy this planet, ever, is our own sun…which something in the neighborhood of five billion years from now is going to grow into a red gaint and cook the earth and all the other planets into cinderrs or less.  Short of that, and regardless of what tiny litlle man does or doesn’t do, the earth cannot be destroyed.  Actually, quite the reverse is true.

The earth has the ability to squash the entire human race like an ant.  Right we’re always babbling in our little out of the way media outlets, making ourselves feel important by saying we should save or not destroy the planet, when in fact, we may want to pay a little attention once in awhile to how the planet might destroy us.  If nothing else, it might introduce a little humility and appreciation of God’s Universe if we did.  

Yeah mother nature is a powerful thing.  That’s her going off above in the photo…not a man made nuclear bomb, but an exploding volcano. One might go off pretty soon in Alaska.  Maybe people will get a less exaggerated sense of their own importance when they see how big, big really is.

Anway, before the next Big Bang, if you really need rubber stamps….especially custom made rubber stamps, customized self inking rubber stamps, custom ink stamps, address stamps, return address stamps, pre inked stamps, date stamps, permanent ink stamps, UV inks, specialty inks and pads, notary supplies and a whole lot more in terms of marking devices and replacement pads, you’re far better off shopping at the Rubber Stamp Champ at than anywhere else.


Custom Pre Inked Rubber Stamps Offer Top Quality

30 January, 2009 (09:29) | Customized Rubber Stamps, Discount Rubber Stamps, Self Inking Rubber Stamps | By: admin


Rubber Stamp Champ Has A Whole Category On Its Website Dedicated To Items On Sale At Special Knockout Prices!

Rubber Stamp Champ Has A Whole Category On It's Website Dedicated To Items On Sale At Special Knockout Prices!

Discount Rubber Stamps

We are the Rubber Stamp Champs, we have Knockout Prices, and as such we offer an occasional opinion on the world of boxing.  As well as other events and images not completely unrelated to what we do as Rubber Stamp Champs.  Anyway, for now, a brief digression to boxing.

Boxing has long been called by sources too numerous to mention and for decades too numerous to count…the art of self defense.

My point simply is that boxing is an art or has it’s artistic aspects, while today’s cage fighting has all the art of a bunch of snakes piled up on top of each other…and if they’re moving, or if they’ve ever moved…it wasn’t notceable, and if they ever do move, well that probably won’t be noticable either…except…wait a minute…did that one guy with the shaved head just squeeze the other guy a little tighter?  I don’t know, I missed it.

It’s alot like what’s happened to a big part of the culture in America, the quality has gone down, dropped off the face of the earth really…the language has been mashed beyond all recognition, and the tv-related folk heroes of today either wear their baseball hats crooked, look like total sluts or both, and have a horrible attitude toward pretty much everything except their own egos.

Fortunately, some things still work much better than that.  And one of those things, you guessed it, would be a rubber stamp from the Rubber Stamp Champ.  Self inking rubber stamps, custom self inking rubber stamps, Ideal self inking rubber stamps, Trodat self inking stamps, Xstamper Pre Inked Stamps, date stamps, address stamps….we do all of them every day as if we took our name Champs seriously.  And we do.

That’s why, no matter how much the culture devolves into a pile of snakes, you’ll still be able to count on quality from The Rubber Stamp Champ.  It’s what we do best, including of course lowest price and fastest delivery.  

Next time you order rubber stamps, date stamps, hand stamps, inks, UV inks or any other related marking items, order from the Champ, and we’ll put our lightening fast service to work for you.  You may be shocked to find out that a quality buying experience is still part of today’s America.

Ink Stamps

29 January, 2009 (05:48) | Hand Stamps, Large Rubber Stamps, Stamp | By: admin


Traditional Wooden Hand Stamps At Tremendous Savings Make The Perfect Device For A Wide Variety Of Ink Stamping Applications.

Traditional Wooden Hand Stamps At Tremendous Savings Make The Perfect Device For A Wide Variety Of Ink Stamping Applications.

Ink Stamps

The Rubber Stamp Champ has actually changed the way America now orders ink stamps….because instead of standing in line at the office supply store, waiting for inefficient help, paging through books of font styles and impressions and then waiting three weeks for a stamp that doesn’t seem to be worth what you paid for it…that’s the old way to get a self inking rubber stamp. The new way is to order online from the Stamp Champ where you can create a beautiful stamp in minutes and have it delivered in bright shining new condition at your doorstep anywhere in the United States the next day if you want.

Eco Friendly Rubber Stamps

29 January, 2009 (05:43) | Personalized Rubber Stamps, Self Inking Rubber Stamps | By: admin


Makee This Polar Bear More Happy, Buy Our Eco Friendly Rubber Stamps Today!

Make This Polar Bear More Happy, Buy Our Eco Friendly Rubber Stamps Today!





Eco Friendly Rubber Stamps.

Gro Gree With Rubber Stamp champs Eco Friendly Rubber Stamps!

Gro Green With Rubber Stamp Champ's Eco Friendly Rubber Stamps

Rubber Stamp Champ offers a complete line of rubber stamp products, self inking rubber stamps, self ink stamps, ink stamps, pre inked stamps and more made of recycled products to be far more envirnomentaly correct that they typical materials used.  And you can proudly show your support for polar bears, and other species everywhere on the planet who suffer from man’s inability to control pollution.  Go Green, and make a polar bear happy, buy eco friendly go green self inking rubber stamps from the Rubber Stamp Champ.

Custom Rubber Ink Stamps

29 January, 2009 (05:29) | Custom Rubber Stamps, Hand Stamps, Ink Stamps | By: admin


JustRite Products Makes Making Your Own Stamps Easy

JustRite Products Makes Making Your Own Stamps Easy

JustRite Do-It-Yourself Wooden Stamp Kits.

If you’re into rubber stamping you need to check out the Justrite section on the Rubber Stamp Champ website.  We have a huge assortment of stamp making kits that provide you with all the materials you need.  For example, here’s a list of the items that come with just one kit; This self inking stamper now offers you the ability to create and personalize stationery and cards with our new oval shape. It comes with the complete expanded Brayton font. Please note that this stamper does not come with a dust cover.

  • Four  interchangeable designer borders
  • Four  designer centers
  • Five Sets of Letter, Numbers & Symbols with Stackable Type Storage Case
  • One 95 pt  Brayton Set
  • Two 50 pt  Brayton Sets
  • Two 25pt Brayton  Sets  with extra vowels
  • One reversible ink pad

Cheap Rubber Stamps From The Rubber Stamp Champ

28 January, 2009 (12:21) | Ink Stamps, Notary Supplies, Personalized Rubber Stamps | By: admin


Whats Your Claim To Fame?

What's Your Claim To Fame?


Sir Edmund Hilary has one of the greatest Claims To Fame of all time….he was the first person to summit Mt.Everest…the world’s tallest peak at something near 30,000 ft.  Look up sometime when you see a huge transcontinental passenger jet looking like a tiny silvery speck up in the sky…it’s flying at that same height…30,000 feet.  And Hilary got way up there on foot.  Most of the way without supplemental oxygen. Until he did it, people thought no one ever would.

So yeah, that’s a Claim To Fame alright.  To be the first human ever to do something that everyone predicted couldn’t be done.  Wow!

At Rubber Stamp Champ, our Claim To Fame is a bit more modest, but could possibly be more pertinent to your interests than climbing Everest…especially if you wind up being a person who buys a lot of rubber stamps….for the company you own and operate, or for the office you run….or whatever.  If that is the case, you’ll be interested in knowing that at the Rubber Stamp Champ, our Claim To Fame is having the lowest prices on rubber stamps online….but it goes a little bit further than that.

It does because a low price isn’t all that great unless it’s backed up by a bunch of other things.  So that’s why we don’t carry some off brand self inker you never heard of so we can charge you a low price….and you can be thoughouly dissapointed with the product.  That is NOT how we do business.  Instead, we live up to our name by providing you with the lowest price anywhere on great NAME BRAND products…like Ideal self inking stamps, Trodat self inking stamps, Xstamper premium pre inked rubber stamps, and Istamp pre inked rubber stamps.

So our Claim To Fame isn’t just that we ‘ve got the best price online on rubber stamps everyday…it’s that we provide that great price on name brand products you know and trust, and then we ship the complete custom made rubber stamp on a same/day next day basis, and provide customer service on the phone from real live people who know what they’re talking about and have helped stamp customers in the same way on the phone for over a decade.

So our Claim To Fame really, when you come to think of the quality, the low price, the top service, the incredibly fast turn around and the tremendous customer service backup…our Claim To Fame is that we live up to our name.  Just like our loyal customers say in the glowing testimonials to us, “you guys are the Champs!”  That’s at that moment of recognition when the person got what they paid for and everything was perfect, including how long it took them to receive it.  So yes, we claim to be The Rubber Stamp Champs, and we do everything we can to live up to that claim.

For example, go online and check our great prices on stock message stamps.

Pre Inked Rubber Stamps At Category 5 Savings

27 January, 2009 (07:16) | Ink Stamps, Office Supplies, Self Inking Rubber Stamps | By: admin


Catagory 5 Savings At Rubber Stamp Champ!

Catagory 5 Savings At Rubber Stamp Champ!

What are Category 5 savings at Rubber Stamp Champ?  These are of course very very large savings….which is exactly what you always get when you shop Rubber Stamp Champ rather than going to an office supply store for your stamping needs.  Now if you need office supplies, like blotters or paper clips, well then the office supply store is fine.  But if you really need rubber stamps….epecially custom made rubber stamps, customized self inking rubber stamps, custom ink stamps, address stamps, return address stamps, pre inked stamps, date stamps, permanent ink stamps, UV inks, specialty inks and pads, notary supplies and a whole lot more in terms of marking devices and replacement pads, you’re far better off shopping at the Rubber Stamp Champ at

And the savings are always Category 5.  For example….most places these days, you wind up paying more than $20 for a custom made Ideal 50.  You walk into an office supply store and order from a catalog and it’s going to cost you upwards of $25 to get a customized Ideal 50 and then you’re going to wind up waiting a good three weeks before you get the stamp in your hands.

Ok, here’s Category 5 savings…we do the same stamp, the same Ideal 50, the same custom self inking rubber stamp….only here’s the difference…we do it complete for $6.25….and we do it in one day.  That’s the way it is, everyday online at The Rubber Stamp Champ.  If you buy rubber stamps at all, welcome aboard….and brace yourself for Category 5 savings!!!

Custom Self Inking Rubber Stamps Cheap And Fast

27 January, 2009 (06:48) | Discount Rubber Stamps, Office Supplies, Self Inking Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Rubber Stamp Champ’s Ideal® 50 at $6.25 is the best wholesale price on custom self inking rubber stamps online. You get a name brand rubber stamp at the best wholesale price.

Our best wholesale price on custom rubber stamps is $3.99, for a 1-line hand stamp. Our rubber stamp prices are also best because they include free shipping on all orders of $10.  We have the best prices on pre inked rubber stamps as well. And the best prices on address rubber stamps and rubber stamps for notaries.

Break Your Old Rubber Stamp Ordering Habits!

Break Your Old Rubber Stamp Ordering Habits!

Are you still buying rubber stamps at the office supply store?  If so you are probably wasting a ton of time and money, and you might even be getting frustrated besides.  Why?  In their defense, office supply stores aren’t really set up to do custom items…paper clips, desk blotters, folders and art paper, that’s all fine at the office supply store.  But custom items aren’t want they do.  So they have to take your order and send it out to someone who does make custom self inking stamps….and by the time you acually get your order back it costs too much, the work isn’t always accurate, and you waited way to long to get it.

Go online instead.  Just type into the top bar of your computer and you will suddenly and magically enter a world of secure ordering for self inking stamps, address stamps, return address stamps, rubber address stamps, pre inked rubber stamps, date stamps, daters, die plate daters, hand stamps, traditional wood hands stamps and a whole lot more like inks and pads and rubber stamping supplies.

Ideal Custom Self Inking Rubber Ink Stamp

Ideal Custom Self Inking Rubber Ink Stamp

And when you shop at Rubber Stamp Champ, you get our incredibly excellent Knockout Prices, as well as our unbelievably fast service and expert stamp making techniques.  At Rubber Stamp Champ you get fast, accurate stamp making and you get it for a lot less.  Try us.  At

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