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Month: November, 2009

Rubber Stamps For The Holidays

10 November, 2009 (07:30) | Address Rubber Stamps, Address Stamps, Custom Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Rubber Stamps For The Holidays

Rubber Stamps For The Holidays

Rubber stamps for the holidays are in stock and ready to order at has rubber stamps for the holidays at Knockout Prices.

Rubber stamps for the holidays ship free at

People start feeling the Christmas spirit this time of the year, and with Thanksgiving coming first, the Holiday activity is in full swing in the hearts of many Jews and Christians throughout the United States and the world.

To help us all celebrate the coming together at Thanksgiving of the very first Americans, and more importantly, to help us celebrate the Birth of Christ, the Rubber Stamp Champ is offering a full assortment of Holiday Custom Rubber Stamps for your enjoyment.  There is a wide range of special Holiday clipart as well as special holiday fonts which you can use to make your stamp every bit as wonderful as you feel about The Holidays themselves.

You can select self inking, pre inked, there’s even round rubber stamps, and use any or all to adorn your Christmas gift tags with your very own customized holiday message.  Great for stamping well wishes on all your beautiful Christmas cards as well, and a ton easier than writing them all out by hand….more decorative too I might add.  So Happy Holidays.  Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Thanksgiving…and Happy rubber stamping from the Rubber Stamp Champ.

Return Address Rubber Stamps

9 November, 2009 (13:16) | Notary Supplies, Rubber Stamp, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Rubber Stamps

Rubber Stamps

What does it mean to be an authorized Xstamper Manufacturing partner? First of all it means you have to be able to make Xstamper stamps to very exacting standards, they have a reputation to protect and so allow their process to be made by only a select few.  In fact, Rubber Stamp Champ is one of only 5 rubber stamp making facilities in the entire country with the capability to make Xstamper rubber stamps.  Not only is the laser cutting process and the material the actual stamp dies are made out of unique, but the ink impregnating process is as well, even to the point where each stamp die is eventually weighed in our process to make sure it is receiving the exact right amount of ink.

Now if this all seems just a bit too technical for the average rubber stamp buyer, don’t worry about it.  Simply remember this; buy Xstamper stamps if you want to make the absolutely highest quality rubber stamp impression possible and you want to be able to chose from a huge variety of sizes and make 100,000 impressions without re-inkining.  Those are the benefits you get when you buy Xstamper.  We’ll take care of the technical parts of making them just perfect for you and getting them to you faster than anyone else can.  Thanks, and thanks for shopping the Rubber Stamp Champ.

Rubber Stamps For Writing Congress

9 November, 2009 (12:54) | Address Rubber Stamps, Address Stamps, Hand Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Rubber Stamps

Rubber Stamps

Right now there is a lot of public sentiment against a government that is spending money like crazy in a time of economic crisis.  It is never OK to mortgage our future, but it is certainly not OK to mortgage our future when we are in the worst financial straights in history.

Does the captain of the ship want us to run amok?  Or aground?  Or onto the rocks?  Who knows?  it seems that way sometimes.  As if he always wanted to get his hands on all that financial power, except right now, he’s wielding a financial power that really isn’t there like it used to be and the result is huge debt.  Anyway.  Those are some thoughts.  you probably have others.

But it’s a good idea to write them to congress. And another good idea is to get yourself a rubber stamp or a bunch of rubber stamps that will help you express how you feel.

We have patriotic rubber stamps, religious rubber stamps, rubber stamps for people who want to put In God We Trust back in America and stamps for people who want to tell people, Don’t Tread On Me….so express yourself to congress…and get a rubber stamp from to help you do so.

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