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Month: December, 2009

Rubber Stamps For Offices And Business

15 December, 2009 (07:06) | Address Rubber Stamps, Address Stamps, Art Stamps, Custom Rubber Stamps, Hand Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Rubber Stamps

Rubber Stamps

If you’re in business today, you have to be asking yourself if we are going to be able to survive the current mood in Washington with the anti business, anti-free enterprise Obama.  The thing I don’t get about this moron is why is he out to get business and destroy free enterprise when business and free enterprise are the only engines that can deliver all the cash he wants to redistribute to people who don’t run businesses, or in many cases, who don’t do anything to deserve any kind of success, except still want to have it anyway because it isn’t fair how some people get successful and they don’t.  If you think Obama’s gonna buy you a Cadilliac, guess again pal, there aren’t going to be Cadillacs at the rate he’s going, and you won’t be able to get a Smart car out of it either, because they’ll be too darn expensive.  Actually, if you’re  waiting for the government to help you, you better vote a different guy in there because this one is confused and out of his element. You can’t spend your way out of debt, right?

Oh right, and if you need business rubber stamps, self inking stamps for the office, pre inked stamps at discount prices, fast dry ink kits or any other marking products, come to the Rubber Stamp Champ at  Order online in a safe, secure environment.  We even have have patriot rubber stamps for those who also want to stamp out government spending.

Business Rubber Stamps

15 December, 2009 (06:39) | Custom Rubber Stamps, Customized Rubber Stamps, Deposit Stamps, Hand Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Rubber Stamps For Business

Rubber Stamps For Business

If you’re in business you know you need rubber stamps.  Very few businesses are entirely electronic and use rubber stamps constantly to stamp checks, invoices, return mail and so on.

Most business use a lot of Xstamper stamps because they last so long and work so well.  The good news from the Rubber Stamp Champ is that we make our own Xstamper stamps.  See if you’re an ordinary stampmaker you have to outsource them because not everyone is allowed to make Xstamper stamps.

But as a manufacturing partner we have the right equipment and the right process to do so, so we can get you business people Xstamper stamps large and small in a real hurry and at a fraction of the price those outsourcing them have to charge.  So business people everywhere, welcome to fast Xstamper service and great Xstamper Savings at the Rubber Stamp Champ in San Marcos CA.

Oh, and by the way, if you are in business….do everything you can to stop any further Washington government spending. 

This Obama idiot is some kind of weird left wing academic who is potentially going to ruin our economy and turn our free enterprise driven society into something we don’t even recognize.

Unless you want to live on some entitlement farm for lazy people who have too many excuses.

Rubber Stamps And Desk Signs

9 December, 2009 (10:13) | Pocket Stamps, Return Address Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Rubber Stamps For Glossy Surfaces

Rubber Stamps For Glossy Surfaces

What do rubber stamps and desk signs have in common?  They are both custom made items that you can get a ton cheaper and a ton faster if you don’t order them from the office supply store but instead go online and get them at www.

When you do that you get your stamps and engraved desk signs from people who make them.  No middleman.  That means you save time and money like crazy.  You know what else it means, when you work direct with the manufacture you get exactly what you want. We don’t offer rubber stamps and engraved desk signs as some kind of sidelight like the office supply stores do.  In fact, to make my point even more clear, when you order from an office supply store, they turn around and order from someone like us.  They don’t have the time or the equipment to make custom products, they just offer them because they don’t want to not have them, and then since they have them, they have to try and make money on them and it all turns into a piece of crud when compared to ordering from us.

So if you need rubber stamps of any type, self inking rubber stamps, address rubber stamps, pre inked rubber stamps or rubber stamps for stamping on glossy surfaces, come to us, not them and you’ll be glad you did. Rubber Stamp Champ. Design, proof and order rubber stamps online in a totally secure environment. Thanks!

Rubber Stamps For Patriots

8 December, 2009 (12:19) | Address Stamps, Custom Rubber Stamps, Discount Rubber Stamps, Hand Stamps, Personalized Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamps, Self Inking Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Rubber Stamps For Patriots

Rubber Stamps For Patriots

So now there’s a petition to recall Obama.

This makes all the sense in the world, because the guy who says he wasn’t there when his pastor screamed “GD America” over and over, now seems like he might have written Wright’s sermon.

Everyone who thought this joker was going to fix the economy because he was a democrat are now wondering what hit them.  All he does is lie about how the ugliest numbers in six decades are looking good, while vowing to outspend daily what the Third Reich spent on all of World War Two.  On crap that won’t even be improved, but most probably made worse by the expenditure.

And don’t forget he’s The Pretender In Chief as well, declaring war on the Taliban and letting them know when we’ll pull out at the same time…..even a West Point cadet wouldn’t sign off on that strategy, and, as you may have noticed, none of them did.  Pathetic.

He can’t even come down the stairway off an airplane like a guy who has confidence.  And that’s nothing. All of it’s nothing compared to Cap and Trade.  The list goes on.  Look at this global warming fiasco.  Statistics show his plan to do something about melting icebergs would dramatically increase worldwide hunger and starvation…among human beings, not seals.  And speaking of which, how about stepping in and trying to save our seals? You know the one’s who punched the terrorist.

The United States is in a situation right now that reminds my of what Ron Brown said when he had to testify at the first trial, “this is sad OJ.”

Patriotic Rubber Stamps

Patriotic Rubber Stamps

It is indeed a sad day for America….that out leader doesn’t like our country?  Oh well.  That’s what we stuck ourselves with so now we have to do something about it.  It’s only sad if we let it happen.  What can you do?

It’s small, but it’s a start.  Sign a petition to recall Obama.

Or sign on to and get yourself some patriotic rubber stampsSelf ink, hand stamp or pre inked….you can use them when you write congress and tell them to stamp out big government.

Rubber Stamps At Discount Prices

8 December, 2009 (10:16) | Address Stamps, Hand Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Rubber Stamps

Rubber Stamps

For rubber stamps at discount prices go to’s discount price on Ideal 50 is $6.25. Custom discount rubber stamps only $3.99 at And ships discount rubber stamps free on orders over $10.

Most people don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for stuff they need, nor do they want to wait forever to get it.  That’s why it’s so great to have the Rubber Stamp Champ online at Rubber stamps, like anything else, can come in a whole wide range of types and sizes, and when you shop for rubber stamps you want all those types and sizes available to you so you can get exactly what you want.  What you may not know, is that rubber stamps come in all price ranges as well….even for the same stamp.

This is worth noting….rubber stamps that we provide for six, seven, eight dollars….the office supply store is charging twenty five-thirty or more for the same thing.

There just isn’t any comparison on price, quality or service.  You’ll see what I mean. Go to

Rubber Stamps At Knockout Prices

8 December, 2009 (08:42) | Custom Rubber Stamps, Engineering and Architect Stamps, Ink Stamps, Large Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Rubber Stamps At Knockout Prices

Rubber Stamps At Knockout Prices

There is only one way to get Knockout Prices on rubber stamps.  That one way is to go online and visit the Rubber Stamp Champ.  Over the last 5 years, over 400,000 people have purchased their rubber stamp order for date rubber stamps, self inking stamps, hand stamps, pre inked stamps, quick dry ink stamps and a host of other products at

We invented Knockout Pricing on rubber stamps.  Basically what it means is that you can’t get rubber stamps for any less than you can from us because we sell at wholesale prices to the general public.  And we make all our own stamps, so we save you middleman mark ups that way.  How else are you going to get an Ideal 50 for $6.25?

Believe me the office supply stores charge as much as $25 for one of those, and not only that, we can get it to you overnight if you want anywhere in the United States.  When you go to the office supply store for rubber stamps, not only do you pay too much but you wait too long, up to three weeks or more.

So pay less and get it fast, the way over 400,000 others have received their rubber stamps.  Visit the Rubber Stamp Champ and you’ll be glad you did.

Rubber Stamps For Checks

7 December, 2009 (09:07) | Notary Supplies, Number Stamps, Office Supplies, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Rubbewr Stamps For Checks

Rubber Stamps For Checks

If you need rubber stamps for checks, go to

Get free shipping on check endorsement rubber stamps at Check endorsement rubber stamps at Knockout Prices. offers savings on a huge assortment of check endorsement rubber stamps for your business.

If you need rubber stamps for checks, you for sure don’t want to go to the office supply store for them. Visit  You’ll be glad you did.  Just like our 1/2 million happy customers.  Why are they so happy and why will you be so happy with your Rubber Stamp Champ purchase?

Making a bank deposit always feels great, but it feels better when you can stamp the back of your check with a crisp clear impression from a for deposit only rubber stamp. specializes in making rubber stamps easy to order online. We have a large selection of for deposit only rubber stamps and check endorsement rubber stamps that are very easy to choose from and customize.

Customize your check endorsement rubber stamps and receive them the next day anywhere in the United States when you order with overnight shipping before noon eastern at

Rubber Stamps For The Office

7 December, 2009 (08:30) | Address Stamps, Discount Rubber Stamps, Hand Stamps, Rubber Stamp, Rubber Stamps, Self Inking Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Custom Engraved Ryubber Stamp Champ Desk Signs

Custom Engraved Rubber Stamp Champ Desk Signs

The Rubber Stamp Champ now has custom engraved desk signs.  So the next time you need rubber stamps for the office, don’t forget you might need desk signs as well.  And, just like with rubber stamps for the office, The Rubber Stamp Champ has a huge selection of engraved desk signs for the office as well.  We offer hundreds of different color and frame combinations, one sure to be exactly right for your office.

So don’t waste your time and money at an office supply store….too many of their custom products, like what we make…rubber stamps, desk signs…..they buy on the outside from a manufacturer like us….and that just doubles the price you pay and the time it takes you to get what you need.  Go online, shop…like our 400,000 other customers, you’ll be glad you did.

And keep an eye on Obama.  It looks like he is trying to reshape America in a way that a vast majority us don’t like.

Rubber Stamps For Business

7 December, 2009 (07:41) | Custom Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamp, Rubber Stamps, Self Inking Rubber Stamps, Signature Stamps | By: admin

If you run a business, it almost doesn’t matter what type of business, whether it’s a car wash, a pizza parlor, an engineering firm or a retail clothing store, it just doesn’t matter, you’re going to need rubber stampsRubber Stamps to stamp checks, to rubber stamp invoices, to rubber stamp customer receipts, to rubber stamp your return address on envelopes, and to rubber stamp PAID or PAST DUE.

Rubber stamps can be used to stamp dates, to stamp inspection numbers, to stamp parts…the list goes on and on.

But what you really need is a place to get any and all of the rubber stamps you want.  You need a place to get them fast, you need a place to get them for less and you need a place that will deliver exactly the stamps you ordered, not some goofed up version of them.

That’s why you need to go online and visit rather than going to the office supply store.  And don’t forget, we now offer custom engraved desk signs.

Rubber Stamp Champ Discount Codes

6 December, 2009 (15:09) | Address Stamps, Hand Stamps, Return Address Stamps, Rubber Stamp, Rubber Stamps, Self Inking Rubber Stamps, Self Inking Stamps | By: admin

What a terrible week for Obama and what a terrible week thereby for the United States.



His speech introducing the concept of escalating a war and announcing when it will be over at the same time fell on a sea of askance-looking cadets. His Job Fair at the White House was a complete farce as he invited people who’ve been cutting jobs left and right.  The security breach at the White House made him look stupider than Tiger Woods.

And now he’s off to Europe to bash the United States some more and try to jam global warming up every one’s butt.  Super.  What a frickin’ disaster.

Nevermind that he’s America’s first black President, more importantly he’s America’s first utterly incompetent President.

Here’s a little good news for you though if you’re getting weary of all the great change Obama has brought about.  You can buy rubber stamps for a ton less and get them a ton faster, every day of the week at Rubber Stamp Champ.  Just go to and check out our great prices on rubber stamps and our great Rubber Stamp Champ Discount Codes.  You’ll be glad you did.  Just like our 400,000 other happy rubber stamp customers who buy self inking stamps, pre inked stamps, hand stamps and a ton more rubber stamp products from us because we are The Champs!

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