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Month: June, 2012

Stamps Rubber Promo Code Discounts

30 June, 2012 (23:42) | Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Promo codes at offer savings in addition to our low Knockout prices.

Promo codes at offer savings in addition to our low Knockout Prices.

Rubber Stamp Champ is the self-inking, pre-ink and hand custom rubber stamp online leader in every respect, but we’re known most for our spectacular customer service, extremely fast turnaround times and most of all, our knockout pricing.

If, for whatever reason you’ll be buying more than one custom rubber stamp, any of our custom stamp ink pads, rubber stamp ink refill bottles or custom laser engraved products, we’ve got some extra savings in store for you, that’s right, above and beyond our already low, low (laying on the canvas), Knockout Pricing.

Use the rubber stamp discount codes below to save even more, and remember all orders over ten dollars get free shipping!

Save 5 -5% off $50 or more!

Save 10- 10% off $100 or more!

Save 15 -15% off $250 or more!

Save 20 -20% off $500 of more!

Save 25- 25% off $1000 or more!

Aero #752 Waterproof Skin Safe Ink

29 June, 2012 (22:38) | Ink Stamps, Rubber Stamps, Specialty Ink Rubber Stamp Pads, Stamps Rubber | By: admin

Waterproof, skin safe ink for hand stamping from

Waterproof, skin safe ink for hand stamping from

Aero #752 waterproof skin safe ink is simply the best ID skin ink on the market today!

This stuff, available online at, is perfect for any uses that may require entrants to be identified in watery situations like being at an amusement park featuring water slides and water rides, water parks themselves, or even a sweaty dance floor!

Each two ounce bottle of Aero #752 non-toxic, alcohol based ink is available in three colors, black, blue and red and is absolutely safe to stamp onto skin.

Because the ink dries so quickly, in about fifteen seconds we recommend having a bottle of #752 thinner around too, just in case your custom stamp pad dries mid-use.

The #752 ink and #752 thinners are also available from the Rubber Stamp Champ in kit from which includes a bottle of each and a locking custom rubber stamp pad.

Even if you’re just getting the ink though, it still ships free, as all other orders over ten dollars do!

Custom Round Traditional Hand Stamps

29 June, 2012 (22:31) | Hand Stamps, Rubber Stamps, Stamps Rubber | By: admin

Custom round wood hand stamps faster, and for less, at

Get custom round wood hand stamps faster, and for less, at

With all the custom self-inking and pre-inking, number and dater stamps Rubber Stamp Champ features and sells on our very busy website,, we still have people ask us about old school stamps like our traditional, custom round traditional hand stamps.

We simply point them in the right direction, as we produce traditional wooden hand stamps that can be customized in sizes from as small as a half an inch around, all the way up to three inches around!

Doesn’t matter what exactly you’d like to customize your traditional round wooden stamp with either.

The graphic design department at Rubber Stamp Champ can help you customize your traditional round wooden stamp’s die to make it stamp anything your heart desires, even a heart shape!

Even the smallest traditional round wooden stamp at qualifies for free shipping!

Free Shipping On Rubber Stamps

29 June, 2012 (22:22) | Notary Rubber Stamps & Seals, Personalized Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Free shipping on all orders over $10 and super fast delivery from

Free shipping on all rubber stamp orders over $10 and super fast delivery from

A lot of customers, before they joined the list of 600,000 and growing, wondered a bit about how long it would take to receive their order.

Most orders, whether custom self-inking or pre-inked stamps, Skin Safe waterproof ink kits or automatic/electronic dating stamps with ship in 48 to 72 hours from the time you check out on our website.

Larger orders however, might need a couple extra days depending on what’s included in the order.

We ship everything using first class USPS mail and orders come in two to five business days without being able to be tracked, and on larger orders we ship ground with UPS which has tracking ability.

If you need your stamps any quicker, simply select two day or overnight shipping options, we’ll ship the same day if your order is placed before noon, Eastern Standard Time, and the next day if order happens to be placed after noon Eastern Standard Time.

As usual, any rubber stamp order, pre-inked, self-inking, hand stamp or custom waterproof inks which total more than ten dollars, SHIPS FREE!

Custom Pre Inked Xstamper Rubber Stamps

28 June, 2012 (21:02) | Round Personalized Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamps, Xstamper | By: admin

Xstamper rubber stamps at manufactuer-direct prices from

Xstamper rubber stamps at manufactuer-direct prices from

You may be thinking to yourself as you familiarize yourself with The Rubber Stamp Champ’s website what the big deal, and for that matter, the big price difference too, while you’re at it!?!?

Honestly, when it comes to the quality differences between even other upper echelons of the custom pre-inked and self-inking rubber stamp selections currently being offered by the likes of Costco, Ideal, or even I Stamp’s, it’s night vs. day, hence the seemingly significant increase in price points compared to our cheaper stamps.

The elimination of the self-contained rubber stamp ink pad and moving parts within self-inking custom rubber stamps was just the start of custom pre inked Xstamper rubber stamps from becoming “The greatest thing since rubber stamps.”

X Stamper is pre-inked, not self-inking. Instead of retracting to touch the ink pad as a custom self-inking rubber stamp does just prior to each new impression, X Stamper features pre-inked stamp die technology.

You might pay a little more money upfront when comparing self-inking v. pre-inked Rubber Stamp Champ product selection. However, the one main benefit everyone can agree is true, between 50,000 & 100,000 clear, crisp impressions are produced by each X Stamper, and you can still refill it after that!

Free shipping on all orders over ten dollars; please allow two business days for X Stamper products.

Custom Engraved Pet Tags

28 June, 2012 (20:55) | Personalized Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Knick knack paddy whack get your dog a bone shaped engraved tag at

"Nick-nack-paddy-whack" get your dog a bone shaped engraved tag at

Rubber Stamp Champ is increasingly becoming known as The Champ of customizable laser engraved product offerings.

At, the wide selection of custom laser engraved offerings, for an equally wide set of applications and uses make it easy to see why.

In addition to our wide selections of custom engraved name plates, desk name plates, luggage tags, license plates & holders, Rubber Stamp champ now offers customizable tags so your beloved pets aren’t ever without their owner’s contact information.

Our custom, laser engraved pet tags come in four pet-friendly shapes and even though Ol’ Fido only see’s the world in pea soup coloring, we offer each of the four shapes in eight color schemes.

All forms and colors are high quality anodized aluminum, ensuring years of Fido-proof use and just for shopping with us, there’s no additional engraving charge.

Purchase two or more custom engraved pet tags to qualify for The Rubber Stamp Champ’s daily offering of free shipping on orders above ten dollars.

Custom Rubber Stamp Ink Pads

28 June, 2012 (20:38) | Custom Logo Rubber Stamps, Customized Rubber Stamps, Industrial Inks And Pads, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Get custom rubbeer stamping ink pads and rubber stamp inks for any application at

Get custom rubbeer stamping ink pads and rubber stamp inks for every application at offers a variety of custom stamp ink pad product offerings that make tackling any challenging custom rubber stamp requirements easier than never before!

A perfect item to combine with Artline’s High-Seal Quick Dry custom rubber stamp inks, The Rubber Stamp Champ offers a range of products suited for any use you can imagine!

Seven colors to choose from, three custom rubber stamp ink pad sizes and a variety of five, application specific custom rubber stamp inks make what was a confusing issue, into an unmemorable check mark on your current To Do List.

Remember to get all your custom rubber stamp accessories, self-inking custom rubber stamps, custom pre-inked stamps and customized, laser engraved name, pet and luggage tags from Rubber Stamp Champ!

All orders above ten dollars qualify for the best shipping price around, FREE!

Custom Signature Rubber Stamps

27 June, 2012 (16:36) | Business Rubber Stamps, Corporate Seals and Stamps, Rubber Stamps, Signature Stamps | By: admin

Custom signature rubber stamps faster and for less at

Custom signature rubber stamps faster and for less at

Stamp your signature onto just about anything you please with our vast selection of custom signature rubber stamps.

Custom signature stamps come in a variety of forms at, including custom self-inking and custom pre-inked rubber stamps and custom hand rubber signature stamp for use with a rubber stamp ink pad, which can be used for stamping your signature all over.

Custom signature stamps from can be used to sign letters, a portion of your return address at the corner of a mailed envelope, potential for use as an endorsement on a check, or for use as a deposit stamp, or many, many other uses for your virtually too easy to order signature stamp!

Whether you choose something more mobile, like one of our pocket signature rubber stamps, or something more traditional, such as one of our Trodat or Ideal self-inking signature stamps, rest assured that you’ll value your purchase knowing it came from The Rubber Stamp Champ!

All orders over ten dollars come with free shipping, take advantage now, go online and all your custom made signature rubber stamps at

Smiley Face Rubber Stamps

27 June, 2012 (16:24) | Address Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamps, Stock Message Stamps, Teacher Rubber Stamps | By: admin

With sixteen non-teachers oriented stock smiley face rubber stamps to pick from, and an additional twenty selections specifically with teachers in mind, the good folks over at the Rubber Stamp Champ bet you can’t buy just two or three!

Youll be rubber stamping with a smile when you get smiley face rubber stamps from

You'll be rubber stamping with a smile when you get smiley face rubber stamps from

You’ll never be lacking the ability to brighten someone’s day, especially once you’ve bought eight smiley face rubber stamps and have a new found ability to ensure smiles abound with your variety of rubber stamps!

Don’t forget to pick up a bottle or two of refill rubber stamp ink up while you’re online saving money at, these give 5,000 plus crisp, clean impressions, but will need eventually to be re-inked, eleven colors to choose from!

Enjoy Rubber Stamp champ’s low, low Knockout Pricing and FREE shipping on all orders over just ten dollars!, we’ll put a smile on your rubber stamping face!

Laser Engraved Color Coat Metal License Plate

27 June, 2012 (16:15) | Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Personalize a license plate and get free shipping at

Personalize a license plate and get free shipping at

Rubber Stamp Champ isn’t just a custom pre-inked, self-inking and hand stamp manufacturer, no!

We make super high quality, custom laser engraved license plates and license plate holders. In two stunning finishes, one in black powder coat and one in stainless, once your personal, custom logo is engraved, your custom car or motorcycle club name for instance…

Adapting one of four colored, custom message, laser engraved Color Coat metal license plate is easy to do for your whole car club!

Even if you prefer to ride solo, a tastefully done finishing tough in the form of custom engraved license plates and holders from!

Free from the online rubber stamp Knockout Price artist, Rubber Stamp Champ; shipping on most custom plates and holders after laser engraved products.

Absolutely free shipping on all orders of ten dollars and up. Visit the Rubber Stamp Champ today to see what sort of engraved products might make your life a little easier!

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