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Month: September, 2012

Pre Inked Custom Rubber Stamps

30 September, 2012 (15:17) | Industrial Inks And Pads, Ink Stamps, Istamp Pre Inked Stamps, Pre Inked Stamps | By: admin

Add your cuswtom message at no extra charge to a wide choice of pre inked rubber stamps at’s selection of pre-inked rubber stamps includes both the XStamper line, as well as, the iStamp line of pre-inked, fully customizable (at no additional charge) rubber stamps.

iStamps come in two configurations, for use on glossy and non-glossy surfaces, a full range of sizes, from inspection stamp size to bank deposit rubber stamp and signature pre-inked custom rubber stamps.

The non-glossy surface iStamp configuration comes in thirty two different sizes, of rectangular, square or round shaped, boasts the choice of eleven colors, and provides it’s user excellent quality impressions, tens of thousands of times prior to needing a re-inking.

Remember that any order with, our easy-to-order from website, ships free of any charges.

Self Inking Rubber Stamp Refill Ink For Ideal Custom Self Inking Rubber Stamps

30 September, 2012 (15:08) | Address Stamps, Business Rubber Stamps, Ideal Self Inking Stamps, Refill Inks Rubber Stamps | By: admin carries a pretty large selection of custom rubber stamp and stock message rubber stamp refill inks for self-inking, pre-inked and traditional hand rubber stamp pads.

Ideal refill rubber stamp inks work in all types of self-inking rubber stamps, whether you saved yourself money by shopping at, or not.

Ideal refill inks

Self inking rubber stamp ink for Ideal, Cosco, Trodat and Shiny self inking rubber stamps now on sale at

will work with Cosco, Trodat, Ideal and Shiny self-inking rubber stamp mechanisms of any size or type, come in three sizes, six cc, two ounce, or, for an ultra-heavy rubber stamp use environment, our quart size Ideal refill ink.

Whatever size you choose to re-ink your custom self-inking rubber stamp with, offers you eleven color choices within the Ideal rubber stamp refill inks.



Xstamper N47 Inspection Rubber Stamps

30 September, 2012 (14:59) | Industrial Inks And Pads, Inspection Stamps, Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamps Online | By: admin, the online low-price leader of custom rubber stamp sales and custom rubber stamping accessory sales, has an extensive offering of pre-inked custom rubber stamps which includes both the iStamp line of custom pre-inked rubber stamps, and the XStamper line of custom pre-inked rubber stamps.

The XStamper N47, from our easy to order from website,, is round, long-handled customizable pre-inked inspection stamps.

Round Xstamper N47 custom pre inked inspection rubber stamps for less at Rubber Stamp Champ.

The N47, though not recommended for use on glossy surfaces, provides the highest quality impression of any rubber stamping mechanism presently offered for sale.

A diameter of one and three sixteenth’s of an inch around and fifty thousand plus crisp, clean and clear impressions prior to needing a re-inking make’s XStamper N47 perfect custom pre-inked inspection rubber stamps.

Heavy Duty Self-Inking Rubber Stamps Rectangular

27 September, 2012 (17:14) | Heavy-Duty Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamps Custom Made, Self Inking Rubber Stamps, Trodat Self Inking Stamps | By: admin

Add your custom message at no extra charge to self inking heavy duty industrial rubber stamps at Rubber Stamp Champ.’s extensive line of self-inking rubber stamps, all of which can customize for you at no additional charge, includes the eight variations of Trodat’s Heavy-Duty self-inking rubber stamps.

With between six and fourteen lines of text, fully customizable, free of charge, the heavy duty self-inking rubber stamps rectangular in shape have a wide range of impression area, to meet most rubber stamping needs.

The Trodat 5200 is the smallest impression, measuring one by one and five eighths an inch in size, up to the Trodat 5211, which boasts an incredibly large impression, two and five thirty seconds inches by three and five sixteenths inches wide!

Finally, the Trodat 5215 is one and three quarter inches in diameter, the only round, Trodat Heavy Duty self-inking customizable rubber stamp.

Industrial Quick Dry Custom Rubber Stamps

27 September, 2012 (16:35) | Business Rubber Stamps, Custom Logo Rubber Stamps, Customized Rubber Stamps, Industrial Inks And Pads | By: admin

Quick dry industrial Xstamper rubber stamps are just one way to save on permanent marking supplies at Rubber Stamp Champ.

Permanent and quick-drying custom rubber stamps are some of’s best selling products, for good reason, too.

With four types of custom rubber stamps to choose from, each being application specific in nature, and even a heavy duty permanent marker designed for use on steel, you’ll never be without the custom permanent or custom quick dry rubber stamps you need!

Choose from Xstamper Industrial Quick Dry custom rubber stamps, iStamp multi-surface quick dry custom rubber stamps, Ultifast rubber stamps, Trodat Clothing Stamp, or as previously mentioned, Artline’s permanent Steel Marker.

Remember, any order over ten dollars ships free of charge from!

Xstamper Custom Pre-Inked Rubber Stamps

27 September, 2012 (16:21) | Custom Rubber Stamps, Pre Inked Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Custom Xstamper pre inked stamps for less from is breaking all sorts of records these days. Record breaking months of custom rubber stamp sales have bolstered our position as the champs of online rubber stamp sales. Our vast product selection, more than two thousand custom rubber stamp and rubber stamp accessories in all (more being added all the time!). has pre-inked custom rubber stamps, custom self-inking rubber stamps, and even custom traditional rubber stamps in an amazing variety of custom sizes, literally customizable for any application you might dream up.

One of’s bestselling product lines is the Xstamper pre-inked line of rubber stamps. These things are simply amazing. Delightfully easy to use, extremely easy to refill and produce the most excellent impression quality. Xstamper custom pre-inked rubber stamps produce more than fifty thousand impressions before re-inking, come with free shipping and a choice of eleven different stamp ink colors.

iStamp Large Pre-Inked Rubber Stamps

26 September, 2012 (18:07) | Istamp Pre Inked Stamps, Large Rubber Stamps, Permanent Ink Rubber Stamps, Personalized Rubber Stamps | By: admin realizes that even with up to thirty thousand good quality impressions from your pre-inked custom iStamp rubber stamp, you’ll eventually, need to re-ink your iStamp pre-inked rubber stamps, which, obviously, you purchased from

It’s best to just go ahead and purchase the larger, two ounce sized bottle of iStamp refill ink, rather than the half ounce bottle. The price point offers the two ounce bottle at just seventeen dollars and fifty cents.

That’s four times the ink, for a little more than twice the price, plus, the large size comes with free shipping!

Just another great deal for you from!

N-Series Xstamper Rubber Stamps

26 September, 2012 (17:54) | Industrial Inks And Pads, Ink Stamps, Xstamper | By: admin

Rubber Stamp To ID Kids Camp Clothing

23 September, 2012 (20:43) | Address Rubber Stamps, Custom Logo Rubber Stamps, Custom Rubber Stamps, Fabric Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Rubber stamp washable permanent impressions on clothing and fabric with Trodat clothing rubber stamps from Rubber Stamp Champ., the easy to order from website and online low price custom rubber stamp leader, boasts a product selection numbering more than two thousand, free customization of any text and/or logos, images or clip art, and tons of everyday-useful products like the Trodat Clothing Stamp.

Trodat’s Clothing Stamp is a self-inking custom rubber stamp meant for use upon clothing items. Perfect for hospitals, jails, mental health facilities, or any other institution which prefers to permanently indicate the article of clothing in question belongs to said institution.

The Trodat 4911 has an impression measuring one half by one and a half inches in size and lasts roughly fifteen hundred impressions prior to needing a re-inking.

Just because we want your business, we give volume discounts and free shipping, only at!

Customizable Self-Inking Rubber Stamps

23 September, 2012 (20:37) | Self Inking Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Green Line Cosco heavy duty rubber stamps come with many advantages, including free shipping from Rubber Stamp Champ. and it’s wonderfully knowledgeable staff are all quite conscious, indeed, of the environment and the impact man has had upon our planet.

This consciousness has morphed into bringing to the online custom rubber stamp buying public at large, the Cosco GL2300, a heavy-duty customizable self-inking rubber stamp featuring up to six lines of custom text. offers the Cosco GL2300 with water-based inks in eleven vibrant color choices, no charge customization of rubber stamp die with either custom text or a custom logo of your choice.

In addition to meeting EPA/GSA recycled content requirements, the Cosco GL2300 heavy duty custom self-inking rubber stamp comes to your doorstep free of any shipping and/or handling charges.

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