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Month: January, 2013

Pocket-Sized Custom and Stock Message Rubber Stamps

30 January, 2013 (16:09) | Personalized Rubber Stamps, Pocket Stamps | By: admin




Custom and stock message pocket rubber stamps are the latest innovation in self-inking and pre-inked rubber stamp technology.

Essentially, custom and stock message pocket-type rubber stamps, both pre-inked custom and stock message pocket stamps and self-inking pocket stamps, are shrunk-down versions of tried and true, full-size rubber stamps. stocks a wide selection of custom and stock message pre-inked and self-inking rubber stamps, ranging from Xstamper and iStamp pocket stamps to Shiny, Trodat and Cosco self-inking pocket rubber stamps.

With a variety of customizable pocket rubber stamps like’s, our ability to turn stamp orders around lightening-quick, and our offer to ship any order over ten dollars for free, why would you shop anywhere else?



What’s The Difference? Pre-Inked and Self-Inked Rubber Stamps, Explained.

30 January, 2013 (14:48) | Pre Inked Stamps, Self-Inking Rubber Stamp Replacement Ink Pads, Xstamper | By: admin

If you’ve ever tried to order a rubber stamp and have been mind-boggled by the enormous selection created by an industry with rapidly advancing technology, and literally, so many choices one could easily see how a new stamp buyer could feel daunted, then please take a couple minutes out of your day to read our Self-Inking V. Pre-Inked rubber stamp page.

Without getting overly technical, the main difference between pre-inked rubber stamps and self-inking rubber stamps is the impression quality each stamp respectively leaves and how long the stamp lasts between stamp ink refills.

Both types of custom rubber stamp are refillable and are available in a wide variety of vibrant custom rubber stamp ink colors, while self-inking rubber stamps typically use water-based inks and pre-inked rubber stamps use oil-based inks.

Self-inking custom rubber stamps offer up a good quality impression and usually last for up to ten thousand or so impressions prior to an ink refill and pre-inked custom rubber stamps can last up to fifty thousand excellent quality impressions.

What’s neat about is both self-inking rubber stamps and pre-inked rubber stamps come with additional benefits, or beneficial attributes.

Pre-inked rubber stamps come with a lifetime guarantee and self-inking rubber stamps from are always sold at economical, knockout wholesale prices, even lonely, one stamp orders!

So, if you know not, which type of rubber stamping device you need, come through’s self-inking v. pre-inked rubber stamp comparison page and go through the pro’s and con’s of each type for yourself!



Tried and True Custom Self-Inking Rubber Stamps

30 January, 2013 (14:13) | Custom Rubber Stamps, Ideal Self Inking Stamps | By: admin



When it comes to customized self-inking rubber stamps,, one of the oldest and most widely known custom rubber stamp retailer, figuring out which Ideal self-inking rubber stamp to choose for your project is a breeze to order from.

However, if you’re having trouble, please, do not hesitate to give one of our wonderfully cheerful customer service representative’s a call and they’ll be more than happy to walk you through the ordering process, whether you’re  ordering one, or one thousand Ideal self-inking rubber stamps. readily stocks the most widely purchased Ideal self-inking rubber stamps and can produce completely custom impressions, or any number of stock message impressions for you., your online low price rubber stamp retailer, stocks everything from the Ideal 30 self-inking stamp, up to the Ideal 300 and also stocks the R, or round series which Ideal manufactures.

Besides being known for it’s work-horse-like-qualities, the Ideal line of self-inking rubber stamps come with a choice of eleven rubber stamp ink colors, and if your order totals more than ten dollars, ships your new custom or stock message Ideal self-inking rubber stamp absolutely free of charge.

Alphabet Rubber Stamps At

29 January, 2013 (15:38) | Alphabet Rubber Stamps, Custom Assembly Band Stamps | By: admin


Alphabet rubber stamps are for those discerning rubber stamp users who require functionality and functionality alone from the their rubber stamps, and is the the place to go if it’s a functional rubber stamp you’re looking for. features three types of alphabet rubber stamps on their alphabet rubber stamps page.

First, and the most all-business alphabet rubber stamp system carried by is the Xstamper Xtensions kit which contains individual alphanumeric characters which can snapped together to form custom messages on the go and are pre-inked for the cleanest impressions.

Second, is the selection of non-self-inking rubber stamps, or custom band stamps as they are otherwise known.’s selection of custom band stamps is available in seven different character sizes and in any custom variation of available alphanumeric rubber stamp bands.

Lastly, you’ll find custom self-inking band stamps on’s alphabet stamps page.  With eleven stamp choices, character size selections and eleven rubber stamp ink color choices, you’ll never be at a loss for the perfect alphabet stamp.

Remember, ships all orders free of charge if they total more than ten dollars!

Three Sizes, Hundreds of Stock Clipart Stamps To Choose From!

29 January, 2013 (15:03) | Clipart Rubber Stamps, Ideal Self Inking Stamps, Logo Rubber Stamps | By: admin


At, you’ll find more every-day-useful rubber stamping and rubber stamping accessories than you’ll know what to do with. stocks over two thousand products, and the list is growing.

Known for our lightening-fast turn around times, second to none customer service, publicly available wholesale prices and free shipping on orders over ten dollars, is the place to shop if it’s custom or stock image clipart rubber stamps you’re looking for. features three sized stock clipart rubber stamps, and over one hundred fun, and/or commonly used stock clipart rubber stamp images.

Rubber Stamp Champ’s stock clip art rubber stamps are made by one of the leading rubber stamp body manufacturer’s, Ideal.

The self-inking Ideal R series rubber stamps will last between eight and ten thousand impressions prior to needing a refill and come with your choice of eleven vibrant rubber stamp ink colors.

Remember to make your cart total more than ten dollars for’s free shipping offer!

Stamp Wizard Takes Guess Work Out Of Rubber Stamp Purchases

29 January, 2013 (14:48) | Address Rubber Stamps, Cosco Self-Inking Rubber Stamps, Deposit Stamps | By: admin

All Hail The Stamp Wizard!


A lot of people come through our website, looking for many different varieties of custom and stock message rubber stamps, date stamps, number stamps, bank stamps address stamps and more.

However, not everyone is sure just what sort of rubber stamp they need.  They might know the purpose for which they intend to purchase a rubber stamp for, but sometimes, just aren’t sure exactly what size rubber stamp they might need.

This is exactly why Rubber Stamp Champ has developed our Stamp Wizard.’s stamp wizard will help you choose the appropriately sized rubber stamp for whatever purpose you might have in mind!’s stamp wizard will do all the work for you; you won’t even need to pick up the phone to ask size questions anymore!

The stamp wizard works for both rubber stamps that use text and also custom logo’s as well, though, can only take artwork in black and white.

From now on, there’s no need to take time to ponder the size your next custom rubber stamp will be, Rubber Stamp Champ’s wizard is the custom rubber stamp sizing tool of the future., Everything Rubber Stamp Related!

28 January, 2013 (22:25) | Address Rubber Stamps, Address Stamps | By: admin, your online low-price rubber stamp retailer is proud to be the one rubber stamp manufacturing company which, as a result of years of excellent customer service and normal growing pains associated with newer companies,  has developed a reputation for superb build quality, a massive selection, lightening-fast turnaround times and customer service absolutely second to none! gets feedback via email, phone and fax, on a daily basis that tells us just how good of a job we’re actually doing…’s customer’s are always amazed at how quickly they get their stamps, how much money they’ve saved over the prices on our competitor’s websites, the quality with which we build our rubber stamps and the uber-friendly nature of our ultra-knowledgeable customer service staff, they’ve never experienced anything like it before, and neither have you!

So, come on down to our easy-to-order-from-website, and see what all the fuss is about!

The Ultimate Heavy-Duty Economically Friendly Price Marker, JustRite Self-Inking Price Marker

28 January, 2013 (22:04) | Self-Inking Price Marker | By: admin


If you’re working in a small retail business setting and are in charge of price marking and inventory, or you own the small retail business and take care of inventory and pricing yourself, then you don’t want to be without’s JustRite B372 self-inking price marker.’s JustRite self-inking price marker is an ultra-high quality, low-cost speed pricer designed for the utmost in dependable, trouble-free performance and is widely used in grocery stores, hardware, department stores and pharmacy’s across the country.’s JustRite self-inking price marker’s close-tolerance construction eliminates rattle and chatter, the tight-fitting bands resist slipping and breaking while bearings give long life and smooth operation.’s JustRite self-inking price marker comes in three colors, black, blue and red, holds five number bands, makes an impression one and one quarter inches wide and is refillable for use well into the future.

Best of all, ships all JustRite self-inking price markers free of charge, whether you order one unit, or one hundred units!


Event Organizer Hand Stamping Depot,

28 January, 2013 (19:59) | Event Hand Stamps, Skin Safe Waterproof Hand Stamping Kits | By: admin


If you’re running an organization where stamping the hands of those who enter your property or premise for an event, then you need to be shopping at for all your hand stamping needs, stamps, ink, and even black lights for determining whether someone has sneaked into your event, or whether they’ve already paid the entrance fee!

That’s right,, your online low price leader for all rubber stamp and custom laser-engraved products, also has everything you need for your event stamping needs too!

Most of our event stamping customers like our Skin Safe hand stamping kit which includes a bottle of ink, a bottle of rejuvinator, an industrial stamp pad and a variety of seven different traditional rubber hand stamps so that they don’t have to look around for the products and also due to the fact that buying the kit gives you a discount of five dollars!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re running small events or large events like outdoor rave parties that feature a capacity of over a hundred thousand people, stocks enough product to keep any sized event going, as long as it’s scheduled to go! also features many other products on our Hand Stamps for Events page on our easy-to-order-from-website like UV Ink Stamps, half and three quarter inch diameter selections, regular round wood hand stamps for use with Skin Safe ink kits, and even Shiny self-inking stamps for event hand stamping, fake tattoo stamp inks and even portable black lights and replacement black light bulbs!

Remember, 600,000 customers can’t be wrong, is the place to shop for all your custom rubber stamp needs!

Large Custom Rubber Stamp Quotations For Purchasing Agents

25 January, 2013 (16:02) | Custom Logo Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamp | By: admin


If you personally, or the organization for which you work is in need of a large number of custom rubber stamps, custom rubber stamp accessories or custom laser-engraved products, then is the place you want to shop if you’re looking for significant savings over prevailing market prices, extremely high build quality and lightening-fast turn around times. features easy to find products, free customization of any and all rubber stamps or laser-engraved products, substantially competitive, knockout prices and free shipping on all orders over ten dollars, even orders for ten to twenty thousand rubber stamps.

Rubber Stamp Champ is literally the largest rubber stamp focused online retailer, and is continuing to grow on a daily basis.  With over six hundred thousand extremely satisfied customers, and absolutely zero quality complaints, is the obvious choice for any sized rubber stamp order.

So if you’re a serious rubber stamp purchasing agent and are sick of getting the run around, poor-quality products, crooked rubber on questionable quality machines and below average customer service and appreciation, then come on through our easy-to-order-from-website and check out the massive variety of custom rubber stamps which Rubber Stamp Champ stocks and call today for your custom rubber stamp quotation!

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