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Month: August, 2013

Round Pre-Inked Xstamper Rubber Stamps, Custom Laser-Engraved Rubber Stamp Dies

30 August, 2013 (16:55) | Inspection Stamps, Pre Inked Stamps, Xstamper, Xstamper Custom Pre-Inked Rubber Stamps | By: admin


Saving money on rubber stamps comes round to shopping at!’s conglomeration of custom laser-engraved Xstamper pre-inked rubber stamps satisfies any particular rubber stamp use requirement I can personally think of at this moment.’s custom pre-inked Xstamper rubber stamps, impression shape ranging from rectangular and square, and, in the case of the Xstamper N47, round custom pre-inked rubber stamp dies., your only online source for Low, Knockout Prices on all rubber stamps, rubber stamping accessories, rubber stamp supplies and custom laser-engraved products, has a slew of pre-inked rubber stamp varieties.

This wide selection of customizable pre-inked rubber stamps includes the Xstamper N47 pre-inked round inspection rubber stamp which features a 1 3/16th” die diameter at the Low, Knockout Price of $35.87, which includes free shipping!

So if you require a large diameter custom inspection rubber stamp, get over to for Knockout Prices!

Rubber Stamp Impressions, Without A Rubber Stamp?

30 August, 2013 (16:49) | Custom Number Stamps, Custom Rubber Stamps, Customized Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin has raised the rubber stamp industry bar in quite a few critical areas where customers reap the rewards.  For instance, our Low, Knockout Prices can’t be beat anywhere on the Internet.  Our offer for free shipping on orders over $10, again, isn’t matched and cannot be beat anywhere.  Finally, our over 1,800 rubber stamp and rubber stamp related products is selection pool not matched anywhere!

Within the product selection pool at, you’ll find every imaginable rubber stamp product known, or unknown in some cases, product known to mankind, an excellent example, Reiner Speed-i-jet which comes in a complete kit.

This innovative product allows you to simply push a button while moving your Reiner Speed-i-jet across the intended medium (non-glossy surfaces, paper stock, cardboard, ect.), with or without making contact and watch the impression materialize before your eyes!’s Reiner Speed-i-jet complete kit comes with the Speed-i-Jet wand, print set up software, usb cable, black ink jet cartridge and two AA batteries!

Multi-Purpose Rubber Stamps

30 August, 2013 (16:45) | Custom Rubber Stamps, Istamp Pre Inked Stamps, iStamp Pre-Inked Rubber Stamps | By: admin


Go big with iStamp rubber stamps from!

At, home of three day or less turnaround times, premium custom rubber stamp build quality, Knockout Prices and customer service absolutely second to none, you’ll find a wide variety of custom, laser-engraved, pre-inked iStamp rubber stamps.

iStamp pre-inked rubber stamps, like the iStamp IS-05, are completely customizable, and doesn’t charge for text and most artwork customization jobs!

The IS-05 comes with a pre-inked, laser-engraved rubber stamp die measuring ¼” x 2 1/2, and will produce upwards of 30,000 excellent quality impressions between rubber stamp ink refills.

At just $20.48, the iStamp IS-05 at is an absolute steal!  Add’s free shipping offer on orders over $10 to the Low, Knockout Price and its plain to see, is the place to buy pre-inked rubber stamps!

Square Pre-Inked Xstamper Stamps, Lifetime Guarantee

29 August, 2013 (20:29) | Office Supplies, Rubber Stamps, Xstamper, Xstamper Custom Pre-Inked Rubber Stamps | By: admin’s selection of pre-inked, custom Xstamper rubber stamps is amazing. 

Rubber Stamp Champ carries almost any shape pre-inked Xstamper rubber stamps you can think of.  From tiny ¼” pre-inked Xstamper inspection rubber stamps, to rectangular Xstamper pre-inked rubber stamps, to the Xstamper N56 pre-inked custom square rubber stamp.

Xstamper’s pre-inked N56 square personalize-able rubber stamp boasts a die measuring 15/16th x 15/16th and will print 50,000+ excellent quality impressions between re-inking your stamp with one of’s eleven vibrant rubber stamp ink colors.

The amazing N56, from and Xstamper is just $34.16, which includes free First Class shipping to your door!

Single Line Pre-Inked Xstamper Stamp, Knockout Price

29 August, 2013 (20:27) | Rubber Stamp, Stamp, Xstamper, Xstamper Custom Pre-Inked Rubber Stamps | By: admin


Save on Xstamper at

Xstamper and are known across the land as the premier rubber stamp body manufacturer and wholesale-price-to-the-public-online retailer, the place to go for all the amazing laser-engraved, pre-inked Xstamper custom rubber stamps is carries a vast selection of pre-inked personalize-able Xstamper rubber stamps from the commonly shaped and sized return address pre-inked custom Xstamper rubber stamps, like the N40, to the more unique pre-inked custom Xstamper rubber stamps, like the Xstamper N37.

Xstamper’s N37 pre-inked, laser-engraved custom rubber stamp is a single line ]rubber stamp with a rubber stamp die impression measuring 1 9/16th” x 3/16th.”

Xstamper’s N37 laser-engraved pre-inked customizable rubber stamp comes from with free shipping and your choice of eleven vibrant rubber stamp ink colors, all for just $21.96!


Self-Inking Ideal Custom Logo Rubber Stamps

29 August, 2013 (20:23) | Custom Logo Rubber Stamps, Customized Rubber Stamps, Ideal Self Inking Stamps, Self Inking Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Custom Ideal self-inking logo rubber stamps, the Ideal 100 from measures 3/4″ x 2 1/4″ and will print up to 10,000 good quality rubber stamp impressions between each rubber stamp ink refill.

At, with custom self-inking logo rubber stamps by Ideal, you’ve the choice of elven vibrant rubber stamp ink colors. 

The forward thinking individuals at had the foresight to not only stock rubber stamp accessories to an almost obsessive compulsive degree, they even put nifty little quick links to useful products related to every page.

On this particular portion of’s easy-to-order-from-website you’ll find quick links to conveniently useful products related Ideal self-inking 100 rubber stamps.

Rubber stamp refill inks, self-inking rubber stamp replacement pads, custom rubber stamp re-inking instructions, and if you plan to print rubber stamp impressions on glossy surfaces (Ideal 100 self-inking rubber stamps are recommended for use only on NON-Glossy papers), a link to the appropriate glossy surface rubber stamps page.



Xstamper N40 Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Stamps, Free Shipping

29 August, 2013 (05:36) | Discount Rubber Stamps, Xstamper, Xstamper Custom Pre-Inked Rubber Stamps | By: admin


The prediction for 2013 is that over 39,000 women will die as a result of breast cancer, roughly seventeen percent of the diagnosed 230,000 plus breast caner patients.  That’s over 39,000 families which will be scared for life by the passing of a loved one.

Having the opportunity to assist in finding a cure for forced, unspeakable treatments, potentially being subjected to a mastectomy, not mentioning the fear one must feel not knowing whether death is suddenly knocking at their door. is passing along savings over our already Low, Knockout Prices on Xstamper pre-inked pink N40 rubber stamps.

Additionally, Rubber Stamp Champ has discounted our Knockout Price for rubber stamp buyers who select the pink Breast Cancer Awareness Pre-inked Xstamper N40 over our traditionally colored Xstamper N40 pre-inked rubber stamp to, donate a portion of the proceeds for each custom pink breast cancer awareness pre-inked Xstamper N40 rubber stamp. ships all orders over ten dollars free of charge, order your custom pink Xstamper pre-inked breast cancer awareness N40 rubber stamp today!

Rubber Stamp Ink Safe For Skin

29 August, 2013 (05:35) | Skin Safe Waterproof Hand Stamping Kits, Specialty Ink Rubber Stamp Pads | By: admin

Need a safe for skin rubber stamp ink?  Good thing you’re about to head over to to check out their Skin Safe Waterproof Ink Kit for use with traditional rubber hand stamps.

 You might already know of Rubber Stamp Champ.  They’re synonymous with top quality custom and stock message rubber stamps, rubber stamping accessories and supplies, and turn around times so quick they make Jimmy Johnson (of NASCAR fame) look like he’s forever standing still.

A prime example of these top quality rubber stamping accessories and supplies is their Skin Safe Waterproof Ink Kit.’s Skin Safe #752 Waterproof Ink Kit for custom traditional rubber hand stamps is ideal for stamping hands of entrants to water parks, carnivals, bars, night clubs, any venue where waterproof, sweat, or concern over washed away entry stamps needs elimination. sells the Skin Safe Waterproof Ink Kit in black, red and blue with the option of adding to your order, for the Low, Knockout amount of $26.00, a seven piece stock message hand stamp set!

Regardless of the inclusion, or not, of the stock message hand stamp set, ships all Skin Safe Waterproof Ink Kits free of charge!

Industrial Stone Stamp Pads For Solvent and Acid Based Rubber Stamp Inks

29 August, 2013 (05:32) | Specialty Ink Rubber Stamp Pads, Stamp Pad, Stone Stamp Pads | By: admin


Rubber Stamp Champ and their easy-to-order-from-website, is the only place you’d want to purchase custom and stock message rubber stamps, and rubber stamping accessories and supplies from if you’re in the market. lists over 1,800 products.  Each listing, you’ll find the Low, Knockout Prices that contributed to making Champs out of Rubber Stamp Champ, literally.

From custom pre-inked and self-inking rubber stamps, to custom laser engraved products, and an assortment of rubber stamping supplies and accessories large enough to cover just about every rubber stamp related requirement you have.

Take for example,’s stone stamp pads for rubber stamp ink.

Why would they make a rubber stamp ink pad from stone one might ask?

I know I sure did; seeming to boldly ‘defy common sense.

However, comes through for those in the realm of custom rubber stamp users with a stamp pad particularly for use with solvents and acid-based industrial marking inks without worry of constant rubber stamp pad destruction.

Just stop by our easy-to-order-from-website, today and see what useful products save you money when purchased from the Champs!

Find The Lowest Prices On Top Quality Rubber Stamps

28 August, 2013 (05:30) | Office Supplies, Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamps Custom Made, Rubber Stamps Promo Code | By: admin

I really can’t believe I just found this Promo Code page on Rubber Stamp Champ’s easy-to-order-from-website,!

I’ve had the Champs at Rubber Stamp Champ fill my orders for custom and stock message rubber stamps, of all varieties, self and pre-inking rubber stamps, traditional rubber stamps, and a massive inventory of rubber stamp supplies able to fulfill any rubber stamping accessory need.

What’s got me extraordinarily awestruck is this Promo Code page on their website,!

The thing is, Rubber Stamp Champ is known far and wide for having those Low, Knockout Prices, now, they’re offering up to an additional 25% off your next order!

Wow!  Get to’s Promo Code page today to see how much more than usual these Rubber Stamp Champ promo codes will save you on your next high volume custom rubber stamp order!

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