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Month: September, 2013

Knockout Prices On All Quick-Dry, Permanent Rubber Stamps

30 September, 2013 (05:15) | Permanent Ink Rubber Stamps, Permanent Markers, Pre Inked Stamps, Self Inking Rubber Stamps | By: admin


Most custom rubber stamp users typically print their respective rubber stamp impressions on non-glossy paper-like surfaces, documents, cardboard and the like.

However, there is a growing part of the rubber stamp using community which increasingly in need of rubber stamps capable of printing rubber stamp impressions upon glossy, sometimes odd surfaces. 

That’s where comes into play; our easy-to-order-from-website carries an extensive line of permanent, quick-dry rubber stamps.

You’ll find Xstamper, iStamp, Ultifast, Trodat and Artline products on the permanent, quick-dry rubber stamps page, all are premium quality rubber stamp products and make use of permanent, quick-dry rubber stamp inks.

Trodat Mobile Printy, Perfect Go-Anywhere Rubber Stamps

30 September, 2013 (05:13) | Custom Rubber Stamps, Pocket Stamps, Self Inking Rubber Stamps, Trodat Self Inking Stamps | By: admin

Rubber pocket stamps are an incredibly handy little on the go rubber stamp for those of you who rarely spend time at the office, either regular or home offices. carries several makes, models, sizes and shapes of self-inking and pre-inked rubber stamps, but one of the most popular is the Trodat Mobile Printy.

Trodat designed the Mobile Printy self-inking rubber stamp to be as functional as a regular self-inking rubber stamp, yet totally portable for people who never stop going. carries five sizes of the Trodat Mobile Printy, between the five sizes; they are capable of holding between three and six lines of custom rubber stamp text.

Dual Use Rubber Stamp Pens, Knockout Prices

30 September, 2013 (05:12) | Custom Rubber Stamps, Ink Stamps, Rubber Stamps, Self Inking Stamps | By: admin tries to stock just about every possible rubber stamp type, rubber stamping supplies and accessories, and also as many unique rubber stamp products as possible.

One such product group is the stamp pen. actually carries two brands of self-inking rubber stamp pens, Heri and Rigoni; both are premium quality self-inked stamp pens.

The version from Heri is made of metal and costs just $32.50 which includes free First Class shipping!

Rigoni’s self-inking stamp pen is made of durable plastic and is a little nicer to your pocket book at $26.50, also includes free first class shipping!

A Splash Of Color In Your Rubber Stamp Life

29 September, 2013 (12:12) | Custom Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamps, Self Inking Rubber Stamps, Self Inking Stamps | By: admin, known for the highest quality custom rubber stamps on the market, is offering a bit of pace change for our new and old customers alike with the Shiny Color Splash self-inking personalize-able rubber stamp line up.

The Shiny Color Splash comes in three colors (stamp body) and in three sizes as well.

Just like a regular customizable self-inking rubber stamp, the Shiny Color Splash can be customized to suit your particular planned purpose for your new custom self-inking rubber stamp, whether that be a deposit stamp, address stamp, or signature stamp.

The Shiny Color Splash makes your day a little brighter, adding a little color to your normally hum-drum black and white work world.

No Mouse Trap Required For This Custom Rubber Stamp

29 September, 2013 (12:10) | Cosco Self-Inking Rubber Stamps, Custom Rubber Stamps, Deposit Stamps, Pocket Stamps | By: admin

Cosco’s Stamp Mouse at’s Low, Knockout Price of just $19.99 for our 1 ½” round self-inking Cosco Stamp Mouse, or $9.25 for the rectangular Cosco Stamp Mouse which fits three lines of text and comes in two colors, white and my favorite, orange! has knocked it out of the park with these Low, Knockout Prices on all three super versatile Cosco stamp mouse self-inking pocket rubber stamps.

Take your newly purchased (from stamp mouse anywhere you go!  Use your stamp mouse pocket rubber stamp as a return address stamp, bank stamp, or even a miniature-take-anywhere signature stamp!, The Boss Of Custom Embossers

27 September, 2013 (05:27) | Custom Laser-Engraving, Desk Embosser, Embossers | By: admin

If you’re looking for a particularly high quality custom rubber stamp, you go to the Champs of rubber stamps.

When your rubber stamps are low on ink, require a replacement ink pad, or simply require a quick once over with’s rubber stamp cleaning solution and rubber stamp scrubbing pads, where do you go? of course!

Now, when it comes to top quality, custom laser-engraved embossers, where do you go?  To the Boss of Embossers, that;s right,! has a manufacturing facility equipped with nothing but state-of-the-art rubber stamp and custom embosser die manufacturing equipment, there’s no higher quality custom embosser at a lower price, anywhere.

Save yourself time, money, and the hassle of not ordering from Rubber Stamp Champ, a.k.a. ‘The Boss of Embossers,’ and get your custom laser-engraved embosser ordered today!

Rubber Stamp Fever Cured At

27 September, 2013 (05:25) | Pre Inked Stamps, Rubber Stamp, Rubber Stamp Accessories, Self Inking Stamps | By: admin


Rubber stamp fever can be caused by not being able to find the rubber stamps you want.  You feverishly search online, and try to narrow your searches to be specific.

Self inking rubber stamps, permanent ink stamps, address stamps, but you still haven’t found exactly what you are looking for.

The cure?  Visit today and no matter what you’re looking for in rubber stamps, you’ll find it.  That rubber stamp fever will go down fast, and you’ll be saving on rubber stamps at ninety-eight point six, aka home of Knockout Price and Service.

Incidentally, The Center for Disease Control (CDC), has been, and will continue to look into finding a cure for rubber stamp fever.

In the meantime, the CDC has found the only way to provide (temporary) relief of rubber stamp fever is logging on to and making daily orders for large amounts of rubber stamps and rubber stamp accessories.


Large Rubber Stamps Custom Made

27 September, 2013 (05:24) | Hand Stamps, Ideal Self Inking Stamps, iStamp Pre-Inked Rubber Stamps, Xstamper Custom Pre-Inked Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Individuals looking for large custom rubber stamps are in luck if they happen to come across  Rubber Stamp Champ is the only online rubber stamp retailer where you’ll find Low, Knockout Prices on all rubber stamps and rubber stamping supplies, including large custom art or text rubber stamps! sells four varieties of large custom rubber stamps.

The line up starts with the highest quality rubber stamp available, the large Xstamper pre-inked rubber stamp features laser-engraved dies and a lifetime guarantee, now 10% OFF!

Right on Xstamper’s large pre-inked rubber stamps tail, you’ll find large iStamp pre-inked custom rubber stamps.  iStamp’s line up of large pre-inked rubber stamps boasts the largest available pre-inked stamp on the market, the IS-80!’s next in line are Ideal’s large self-inking rubber stamps.  The available large self-inking rubber stamps come in a variety of sizes and shapes!

Last, by no means least, you’ll find handmade traditional rubber hand stamps. has made massive hand stamps in the past, contact us today to inquire about your large traditional rubber hand stamp!

Eco-Friendly Self-Inking Date Stamps

26 September, 2013 (05:23) | Custom Rubber Stamps, Date Stamps, Discount Rubber Stamps, Eco-Friendly Rubber Stamps | By: admin

At you’ll find Cosco Eco-Dater self-inking rubber stamps, both models, the Cosco GL2360 and the Cosco GL2660, at 15% off Rubber Stamp Champ’s already Low, Knockout Prices!

The Cosco Green Line is an Eco-friendly line of custom self-inking rubber stamps which includes the heavy duty self-inking date stamps mentioned above.

Cosco’s Green Line of custom self-inking rubber stamps meet or exceed the EPA’s manufacturing requirements for inclusion of post-consumer recycled content, and use environmentally friendly water-based rubber stamp inks!

What’s really great, besides the Eco-friendly materials and inks used in the manufacturing process, is that both the Cosco GL 2360 and the Cosco GL 2660 self-inking, heavy-duty date stamps come from with zero shipping and handling charges!


Custom Logo Rubber Stamps

26 September, 2013 (05:21) | Art Stamps, Logo Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Putting your custom logo onto a rubber stamp is a breeze with, and the Champs do it with no extra charge!  All rubber stamps at can accommodate a custom logo, business logo, personal use logo, or any type of logo you desire!  Rubber Stamp Champ only requires you send your artwork to our graphics department Champs in black and white, it’s that easy!

Furthermore, stocks and flawlessly produces, in rubber stamp industry record turn around times, several types, eight to be exact, of custom logo rubber stamp types.  From pre-inked custom logo rubber stamps to self-inking logo stamps and hand stamps with your logo, is your one-stop-custom-logo-rubber-stamp shop!

Please, do remember, thou whilst receive free shipping and handling on any order which is greater than just $10!

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