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Month: January, 2015

Dog Owner Rubber Stamps And Pet Tags

21 January, 2015 (23:25) | Laser-Engraved Pet Tags, Rubber Stamps, Stock Message Stamps | By: admin

Your pooch may not be able to sing and talk like some puppies, but you certainly love your canine anyway.

And with a pet owner’s unconditional admiration in mind you most certainly would like a paw print or other type of dog rubber stamp, or a nice engraved pet tag to help Barfy from getting lost if he should ditch you at the animal park and head off for parts unknown.

Just visit Rubber Stamp Champ and choose from our wide selection of pet tags in 11 different colors, engraved with your custom message for just $6.99 each.  Or click on our stock message stamps to see all the dog related rubber stamps we have to offer as well.

Who knows, when you get a colorful pet tag for your animal from, he may be so happy he’ll start singing like he’s in an online video!



Kitchen Of Rubber Stamps On Sale Now

21 January, 2015 (11:35) | Custom Rubber Stamps, Customized Rubber Stamps, Monogram Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

If you love to experiment in the kitchen with all types of concoctions, and people wind up just loving your bison meatloaf, vegan spaghetti, carrot and cucumber salads or whatever it is you love to make best, let everyone know about it with from the kitchen of rubber stamps.

Just click the link provided here and you will automatically be taken to the correct page at, where all our great kitchen of rubber stamps are now on sale for only $29.50.

There are plenty of great designs to choose from and all you have to do is click on the one you like, add your name and presto, everyone who gets a recipe card from you will know it was born in the kitchen of Karen…or whatever your name is.  Have fun, and good eating, from


I Have A Dream Rubber Stamps

19 January, 2015 (13:43) | Custom Rubber Stamps, Holiday Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Martin Luther King was one of the most inspirational people who ever walked the face of the planet, and his speech in Washington D.C. will be remembered always, as will his dream of a united United States.

The entire speech is very excellent and very much worth hearing, which you can do just by clicking on this link; Martin Luther King speech.

And if now, or after hearing the speech, you are inspired to have a dream of your own, why not visit by clicking this link, and make yourself an I Have A Dream rubber stamp.  You can easily use our site to create a stamp using those words in just about any size you wish, you can choose from 11 ink colors, and provide yourself with an inspirational message to stamp on anything and everything.

Do you have a dream today?  If so, visit and make a rubber stamp that says that so you can remind yourself, and anyone else you wish, that having a dream is a very good thing.

Thanks, and Happy Martin Luther King Day from

How Can I Make A Rubber Stamp For My Wedding Invitations

19 January, 2015 (13:21) | Customized Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamps, Wedding Rubber Stamps | By: admin

The fastest, easiest, best and least expensive way to make a custom rubber stamp for your wedding invitations is to simply click on this sentence and you will be automatically taken to the appropriate page for so doing at

Make your wedding more fun with custom wedding invitation rubber stamps from

At you can easily upload your wedding invitation artwork in whatever size you wish, and whatever ink color you wish and create the perfect rubber stamp for your wedding right online, no problem.

The process of ordering a custom wedding invitation rubber stamp, or rubber stamps to mark your guest cards, napkins or whatever you wish is very inexpensive at Rubber Stamp Champ, and may indeed turn out to be one of the most fun, creative and inexpensive aspects of your entire wedding!

And if you’ve waited until the last minute, no problem, will make and ship your customized wedding rubber stamps overnight if you wish, and if you order in the morning you can have them delivered right to your doorstep anywhere in the United States tomorrow.



Name Brand Rubber Stamps For Less

17 January, 2015 (13:47) | Cosco Self-Inking Rubber Stamps, Ideal Self Inking Stamps, Rubber Stamps, Xstamper Custom Pre-Inked Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Name brand rubber stamps for less is what we do at

That’s why you can visit our website and find the entire line of Ideal self-inking rubber stamps at 50% off.

It’s also why you can go to and find the entire line of Cosco 2000 Plus self-ink stamps at 30% off.

Enter the world of custom rubber stamp savings at

Furthermore, if you are into the brand name of rubber stamps that everyone recognizes as the best there is, then you can visit and find the entire line of Xstamper rubber stamps deeply discounted as well., we specialize is rubber stamps at Knockout Prices and provide them with Knockout Service as well.

When you need rubber stamps, address rubber stamps, pre-inked rubber stamps or any other kind of custom rubber stamps, inks and supplies, you just can’t do any better than clicking on the link right here to visit

Rubber Stamps Warehouse Discount

17 January, 2015 (13:35) | Discount Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamps Custom Made, Warehouse Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Get fantastic discounts on warehouse rubber stamps at Rubber Stamp Champ.

If you want a discount on warehouse rubber stamps the best place to go is has discount warehouse rubber stamps in a larger selection than anyone else online. And does something you just can’t find everywhere. offers rubber stamp discounts on name brands like Xstamper, Ideal and Trodat to name just three.

So if you need rubber stamps for your warehouse, for shipping and receiving, or for your front office, always rely on the discount rubber stamps at and you’ll be glad you did.

Warehouse Rubber Stamps

16 January, 2015 (16:33) | Custom Assembly Band Stamps, Custom Number Stamps, Rubber Stamps, Warehouse Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Come to our house for all your warehouse rubber stamps at

When you need a rubber stamp or two for your warehouse, come to our house at, and whether you need rubber stamps with numbers, date rubber stamps or large rubber stamps to stamp boxes in your warehouse shipping department, we’ll have them for you at a lot less than you’d pay anywhere else.

Don’t do what too many people still do and visit an office supply store for your rubber stamp needs, you’ll pay way to much and wait way to long. can provide your rubber stamps overnight if you want, and we certainly will beat exorbitant rubber stamp prices from the office supply store as well.

In fact, our customized wooden hand stamps start at only $3.99 and Ideal self-ink stamps can be purchased from our huge selection for as low as $6.25…for a stamp that can retail at well over twenty dollars.

Customize all your warehouse rubber stamps now by clicking on this link and you’ll be taken right to the largest selection of stamps, the fastest turn around times, and the best service anywhere, all for the low low price.

Rubber Stamps Unlimited Selection

16 January, 2015 (15:15) | Custom Logo Rubber Stamps, Custom Rubber Stamps, Ideal Self Inking Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Start being smart about where you buy rubber stamps, get them faster and for less at

When your business or personal life dictates the need for an unlimited selection of rubber stamps and rubber stamping supplies and related items, like inks and pads, there is only one place to go for the ultimate in selection, savings and service. has by far the largest selection of rubber stamps and accessories online.

Rubber Stamp Champ makes ordering fast and easy, our live chat and customer service people at 1-800-MY-STAMP are always available to help you if needed, and you will be amazed at how much you save on rubber stamps at

You can customize an unlimited selection of rubber stamps with your text messages, artwork or both, and there is no problem, and no charge for adding your logo or selection from a wide range of ink color choices.

Why not be smart the next time you need self-inking rubber stamps, address rubber stamps, permanent ink stamps and a wide or anyone of hundreds of other items including engraved name tags and desk signs.  Just click the link provided here and join our 750,000 happy customers in getting your rubber stamps faster and for less than you ever thought possible.

The Ideal Way To Save On Rubber Stamps

15 January, 2015 (03:50) | Bank Deposit Stamps, Business Rubber Stamps, Ideal Self Inking Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin is The Ideal Way To Save On Custom Self-Inking Rubber Stamps!

Ideal makes the most sought after self-inking rubber stamps in the world, and is proud to offer them for a ton less than anyone else.

Ideal self-inking rubber stamps are renowned for their ease of use, great impressions, and durable, professional quality.

You might not know it, but you can order these great rubber stamps online for way less than you’d pay at an office supply store, customized with your message, artwork and in any color you choose, all for as low as $6.25 at

And every single Ideal self-inker we offer in a huge variety of sizes is exclusively priced at 50% off on our website.

You literally cannot go wrong when you order your custom self-ink rubber stamps from

So go ahead, click on the link here, wind up on our Ideal Rubber Stamp page, and customize some self-inking stampers right now!

Like our 760,000 other customers, we are certain you’ll like our Knockout Price and Service.

Extra Large Wood Hand Stamps

15 January, 2015 (03:32) | Customized Rubber Stamps, Large Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamps | By: admin

Some things require extra large messages.  Sometimes you just want to tell people that something is FRAGILE in big huge letters that they won’t miss.

The perfect solution is extra large custom made wood hand stamps from

Sure, we sell tons of the little self-inking stamps people use for all manner of rubber stamping, but when your message really needs to be huge, like 5 x 6, 7 x 8, or even 8 x 10, there’s no substitute for an extra large traditional rubber hand stamp from Rubber Stamp Champ.  

Next time you want to send a big message

Make sure your stuff doesn’t get bent, visit!

that no one could possibly miss, like a huge red DO NOT BEND…just visit  Like our 750,000 other customers, you’ll be glad you did.

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